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Photos by Groovehouse
Toyota Center
June 12, 2012

Check out our photos of LMFAO and fans in our slideshow.

One imagines it's both easy and difficult being in LMFAO. You write songs about drinking and getting laid (easy) that are crass enough to seem edgy to teens while not being so crass that parents will keep their kids from listening to it (difficult). It's a delicate balance, but if the duo's stop at the Toyota Center Tuesday is any indication then it appears they have things well under control.

Part concert, part dance party, part club night, part Chippendales, the Sorry For Party Rocking Tour features Redfoo (he has the afro) and SkyBlu (he has the better physique), their backing band, and dance group the Quest Crew hitting the stage for a show that starts with a shuffling zebra and ends with a lot of guys dancing onstage in Speedos, with some champagne showers and beach balls in the middle.

Like I said, it's a delicate balance.

FEM June 13 1.JPG
Far East Movement
Before the main event, LMFAO labelmates Far East Movement hit the stage to run through songs from their new album as well as their two older hits. They're a natural fit for a tour like this because they too focus the bulk of their songwriting on what happens in the club.

Unfortunately, there's not a lot that's really remarkable about them.

"Like A G6" is their best known song and is a good example of their problem as a group. While it hit number one on the Hot 100, the group is literally the least interesting thing about the song. What makes the song is the hook, and that's just something they sampled from an older song by Dev.

The rest of their material didn't do much for large chunks of the crowd. Before they took the stage, DJ Sidney Sampson was spinning tracks, and more people sang along when he put on "Somebody That I Used To Know" than they did for pretty much everything FEM played.

Part of the problem it seems would be the sound mix. While they had a live drummer playing on every track, most of the time he was buried behind the prerecorded stuff the DJ was playing causing some of the tracks to lose a lot power.

I'm not the type to have a problem with a group if they want to rap over a DJ, but it's worth noting that when the band did turn up the drums and pull out a real guitar the performance improved dramatically. Perhaps with a few more tours and a few more hits they can work out the kinks in their current setup.

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Toyota Center

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By who??? if you talking about Shots... We made that up. Thanks! -Redfoo


"What makes the song is the hook, and that's just something they sampled from an older song by....." This applies to about 99% of music that is on the radio. 

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