Last Night: Les & Friends at Fitzgerald's

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Photos courtesy of Third World
L-R: Les and Bun B
Les featuring Slim Thug, Killa Kyleon, Mug, Doughbeezy, Propain, Amber London, Roosh Williams, DJ Mr. Rogers
June 27, 2012

Twice this year already, Les, one of the new rap generation's most interesting performers, has released mixtapes. Neither of them were anything less than Absolutely Very Good And Enjoyable, remarkable considering many have trouble releasing single songs that could be classified as such. He is one of the city's most inspired talents.

Thursday night, he had his first headlining show. It seemed like it had the potential to maybe be an important moment in his career, which, by extension, could've been important for rap in Houston moving forward. So I went, because holy fuck if after he becomes famous he gives an interview and says something like, "Really, what set this all moving was a show I did in June of 2012 at this place called Fitzgerald's" and, in turn, I don't possess the ability to turn to whomever is next to me and say, "Yeah, I remember that show. It was transcendent. It was obvious he was destined for stardom after that night." well, that'll be the worst. Historical asides are the best thing of all. And music writers are absolutely insufferable.

A few notes from the show:

**There was a guy there handing out fliers advertising a company that could get you more followers and more likes on Twitter and Facebook. I don't know if it's a legit thing, but I know how you can get more likes in real life: DON'T BE THE GUY HANDING OUT FLIERS FOR SHITTY COMPANIES.

Roosh June 28.JPG
Roosh Williams
** The most enjoyable surprise of the night: Roosh Williams, an underappreciated talent that will likely struggle to gain the following his talent merits because he is a) a rapper who is not black; and b) a non-black rapper that is non-gimmicky -- or, more specifically, not caricaturally hip.

Turns out, he fucking crushes live. He wiggled onstage for a guest verse and dropped a FURYHAMMER on everyone's balls (and vaginas too, probably). His verse was dynamic, well written and interesting, changing levels and pitch and intonation without hiccup. It was the most enjoyable 90 seconds of between 11:45 and 11:59 p.m., made all the more impressive because he got onstage for his own set immediately after and replicated the entire experience.


--SS, Roosh Williams Live Show Fan Club President

(1) Not a real word. Sorry, English language.

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2706 White Oak, Houston, TX

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