A Houston Rap-Related Shooting Timeline

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Still the most famous rap-related shooting in Houston history.
Most people will tell you that Houston rappers are overall a peaceful bunch, but people do carry guns. No less a beloved figure than Pimp C was caught after he got into an altercation at the Foot Locker in Sharpstown Mall; supposedly a policeman saw a gun under Pimp's coat during the fight, followed him to his car and arrested him.

It's an unfortunate fact that many of the biggest names in Houston rap history have been caught up in some kind of gun-related drama during their careers. Sometimes it ends tragically, like this morning's deaths of Poppa C and Dinky D of the Assholes by Nature family, associates of Trae tha Truth -- who was wounded, and is groggy but OK, his publicist tells us -- outside the Diamond Club in Southwest Houston. Sometimes, thankfully, the results are a little more benign.


May 4, 2012

Notes: Toyurean Young, 20, of the Alief-area trio FDAB (Fly Den a Bitch), was shot in the parking lot of a southwest Houston McDonalds and later died at Ben Taub Hospital. A few days later, his former bandmate Jordan Wilson was arrested in Corpus Christi. Witnesses told HPD that Wilson, who left FDAB to join rival group KREAM, was jealous of his former group's increasing popularity.

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Photos by Marco Torres
Money Clip D

November 25, 2011

Notes: ABN's Money Clip D, aka Dominic Brown, was shot while sitting in a car outside southwest Houston after-hours club Breakers. He has been described as Trae's "right-hand man," and had been helping him distribute Thanksgiving turkeys the night before he was shot. An investigator at the scene of Poppa C and Dinky D's death Wednesday morning said a witness told him their deaths

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July 22, 2009

The second annual free concert at Texas Southern University was organized and paid for by Trae himself, featured Bun B, Mannie Fresh, Rick Ross, Yung Joc and Slim Thug (among others), and was even officially proclaimed "Trae Day" by Houston City Council. Late in the evening, shots rang out and several people were injured, none life-threateningly.

A 19-year-old man turned himself into police about a month later, and Trae Day continued on at Northwest Mall in 2010 and Delmar Stadium last year. Trae Day 2012 has been scheduled July 22 back at Northwest Mall.

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U got any info on Big Steve's (from Woss Ness) murder?


Also RIP 2 K. Ruger, and much love to Big Love shot 5 times in 2001


dont kno much about the othr rappers didnt even kno poppa c but it has been mentioned that poppa c had no heart or care for human life  to the extent that his past caught up with him @ the expense of more senseless killings including his own death; its hurtful and sad nonetheless


Sad. I love the music, but the people are heathens 

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