Top 10 Musical Moments on The Arsenio Hall Show

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One of the greatest late-night talk show hosts of all time was Arsenio Hall. He was the quintessential Ed Sullivan for the '80s and early '90s. He featured all kinds of musical artists, but most importantly, he helped introduce rap music into the mainstream.

Hall, who won Donald Trump's most recent Celebrity Apprentice this past spring, is reportedly returning to television this fall with another syndicated talk show, so here's hoping it will be a lot like the original show. Here are some of the greatest moments from that one.

10. Madonna's controversial 1990 interview

It's a known fact that, at least in the '80s and '90s, Madonna was pretty controversial. Her appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show was no exception. However, what makes this interview interesting is the fact that she and Arsenio talk about why she is so controversial. Some of the other subjects they cover such as her boobs, debating if Letoya Jackson had a boob job, and other key moments that make Arsenio a little... uneasy. Classic interview.

9. Eazy-E disses Dr. Dre

When Eazy-E appeared on the show with his post-N.W.A group, the Real Compton G's, he decided to throw out some verbal punches at a certain member of his former group: Dr. Dre.

8. Bill Clinton plays "Heartbreak Hotel" on saxophone

Former President Bill Clinton showed off his musical chops when he played the Elvis Presley classic "Heartbreak Hotel." However, it was during the interview segment where he appeared with his wife, First Lady Hillary Clinton, and stated his case why Americans should choose him for the election. When the Clintons appeared on the show, it gave them a new platform to talk to a younger audience which, in turn, voted for him.

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I would have to include West Coast all Stars performing "All in the same gang".


The Cure's first American TV appearance was on Arsenio Hall's show...

Abrahán Garza
Abrahán Garza

Yeah you left out Bel Bev Devo performing Poison - so many harmonies going on. Kriss Kross telling the world they would be wearing their jeans backwards "forever" lets find them today!


What no tribe called quest, n LOTNS performing scenario? No tupac interview? I question this list.

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