Last Night: Explosions In the Sky at Warehouse Live

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Photos by Marc Brubaker
Explosions In The Sky, Zammuto
Warehouse Live
June 17, 2012

Our neighbors from just a few hours away, Explosions In The Sky, dropped in Sunday night to keep the Texas pride going and share more of their elaborate musical talents with not a single lyric spoken.

Many may know, Explosions in the Sky is the band who wrote the soundtrack for the film Friday Night Lights. Although the band had access to rare equipment for the makings of the soundtrack, they kept to their own style.

And just as expected, Explosions kept their own ways for Sunday's show.

Once Explosions hit the stage, the emotional journey that their music sweeps you into was in full swing. May I say it was one heck of a ride.

However, before the crowd got picked up on this emotional ride, Houston got to take a gander at a "fresh-meat band," Zammuto.

Zammuto June 18 1.JPG
When I arrived at Warehouse after rushing off from my Father's Day family dinner, I was just in time to check out the last three songs by Vermont's Zammuto. Their sound was quite interesting if you ask me, playing off an intriguing rock and techno feel. Not to mention the bass player was wearing an AC/DC shirt (Angus Young is my man), and some funny-ass YouTube videos played on the screen behind the band, threaded together to go in sync with Zammuto's performance.

Zammuto's first record came out just three months ago, and they seemed to impress the crowd with their interesting show of videos and music.

But as soon as Zammuto thanked Explosions for having them alongside for the tour, it was clear as to why Warehouse Live's entrance was flooded with people. At that time, I quickly made sure I had some Texas beer in hand (Shiner, if you were really wondering) and made my way to the stage.

Explosions took to the stage at exactly 10:05 p.m., and the crowd's eyes were set. Mine were trying to find a better space to watch due to a guy with the largest afro I had ever seen. Luckily, this guy next to me, a sight more than six feet tall, said we could switch spots. It was just in time!

Guitarist Munaf Rayani walked up to the mike and said, "Houston, Texas, how are you?" to a cheerful response. He then added what I thought sounded like, "Tonight we're gonna play our set screwed and chopped. How's that sound?" (The first word is unintelligible and the second sounds more like "stocked" on my iPhone video, but "screwed and chopped" is much cooler.)

The cheering continued. Rayani wished everyone a Happy Father's Day and announced that Explosions lives right down the road. (Three hours down the road.)

Straight to the music they went.

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The music was great, but I definitely agree with idylwino. I do not understand how you can yammer on about being a "big fan" and "loving the music" BUT talking all the way through the show....


It was a great show, but you could still hear 100 different conversations during the ambient sections.   Also, l have no idea how people can watch a band play through a tiny cell phone display.  

Rocks Off
Rocks Off

Taylor has been going to school at Arizona State for a good while now. We're glad to have her back home for the summer.


You write for the Press and haven't been to Warehouse in 5+ years? WTF?

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