Top 10 Disney EDM Lookalikes

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Is that you, Prince Eric?
We all wonder who our celebrity lookalike is. Someone will tell us we look like this person, a Web site will say you look like another and most likely if you're anything like me you'll disagree and give explanations as to why.

Well, what if you're already a celebrity? Or DJ?

Today DJs are setting trends in the way they dress, style their hair and just their look in general. We've heard of "Girls that look like Skrillex and a few more, but I decided to match up some of well-known DJs to their very own Disney doppelgangers.

After all, the EDM scene can get a little raunchy and hide subliminal messages or just simply throw it out there. As we have all heard and seen, Disney likes to do the same thing.

Girl Talk & Tarzan 6-21.jpg

10. Girl Talk/Tarzan: Gregg Gillis is a well-known American mashup and digital sampling DJ. Having seen him live more than once, I can assure you he likes to get the crowd moving.

He usually rips off his shirt while performing and bobs his head all around, waving his lovely long locks of hair to his beats. Not to mention he jumps on top of the table and is sometimes out in the crowd surfing around. Notice any similarities yet?

deadmau5 & mickey 6-21.jpg
9. Deadmau5/Mickey: Well, this one is a little too obvious. But hey, with a Mau5 head like that of course some would say it resembles Mickey. There has already been some controversy on this subject however. But all is well. Mickey has one set of ears; Deadmau5 has at least five per show. Joel Zimmerman throws down his progressive and electro house beats to many ears besides the two on his own head.

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