Best of Free Press Summer Fest Day 2: Willie Nelson, Avett Bros., Wallpaper, Etc.

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Quiet Company
Chris Gray: Quiet Company is the second bearded, brawny band in a row to sweep the Austin Music Awards (after Bright Light Social Hour), and after Robert Ellis's pickin' party, impressed a halfway-decent Stage 5 crowd on Summer Fest Sunday afternoon. The band has a trombone, which adds a bold element to their guitar-heavy sound, and they were sweating their asses off in black shirts and ties (although the trombonist's shirt was gray).

They didn't offer an immediate critical reference point -- Paul Westerberg must have been an important musical figure for them at some point, though -- just falling under the very broad "modern rock" umbrella. I took that as a sign of some real originality. Supposedly Quiet Company's debut album, We Are All Where We Belong, is about singer Taylor Muse's crisis of faith, but their belief in rock and roll's redemptive powers was approaching Springsteenian levels Sunday.

William Michael Smith: Once again Stage 3 seemed to be where the beat was, where the party was happening. Nothing I'd heard about Wallpaper prepared me for the power of their punk rock/rap collision. Backed by two drummers (one original member Arjun Singh), a keyboardist and a bunch of electric boxes, front man Ricky Reed exploded in the afternoon heat.

A very interactive crowd spurred Reed's humor streak that comes out full force in raps like "Stupid Facedd" and, for a sweltering afternoon on a sandlot, this was the place to be if you were looking for a party. Walked over to catch the beginning of Portugal. The Man's set, but within two songs I'd hustled back to Wallpaper and hung on for dear life. For my pick of the day, Wallpaper beat out punk/art-rock-politicos Demonic Hens (surprise find of the day), the tail-shakin' L.A. funk of Orgone (who I want to move into my place and just play) and old reliables the Descendents.

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Young the Giant
Taylor Moon: A classic microphone, something you'd normally see Elvis singing into, and a tambourine going at 3 in the afternoon. Somehow a sweaty-ass hot crowd was swaying back and forth and singing along, all thanks to Young the Giant. However, the guy next to me was so dehydrated his friend had to carry him out. An announcement was made to the crowd that the band would hit the studio in the fall.

Corey Dieterman: With just as much crippling heat as Saturday, it may have seemed unlikely that anyone could get down for a hardcore show. Luckily, the breakneck rhythms and screaming vocals of emotional hardcore band Touche Amore won over their admittedly small crowd of dedicated fans surrounding Stage 6 to provide my personal highlight for Sunday. The band ran through a set of almost all their brief but hard-hitting songs, grabbing the moshing crowd for the ride to scream every word alongside vocalist Jeremy Bolm. Props also go out to them for still continuing their set with only one guitarist after blowing an amp. True punk pros.

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Disappointing to read no special remarks on how absolutely amazing, true, pure, honest and fucking awesome Willie Nelson was... Definitely the best act in this year's FPSF


hair hair every where.


New York City Queens suck balls and everyone knows it

Denny Angelle
Denny Angelle

 I wholeheartedly agree. Snoop was pretty good too.


@Everyone Who ARE you?  Do you have something personal against New York City Queens?  There are lots of people (including critics) who disagree with you, by the way.

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