Frog Eyes! The 10 Greatest Glasses-Wearing Musicians

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Photo by Daniel Kramer
Elton John (left, with Billy Joel), in for once a rather understated pair of glasses
If you were like me growing up, you had glasses. You got ridiculed for it with names like "frog eyes," "nerd" (sadly children didn't equate that with smart, just weird), "ugly" and "geek."

Even worse was the fact that, as a result of my wearing glasses, I couldn't wear sunglasses because the good ones when I was growing up, Oakleys, didn't really fit over glasses and my parents wouldn't let me get contacts -- even though I now switch between my contacts and my oh-so-cool "Tina Fey" glasses.

However, little did I know that some of the greatest legends of rock not only wore glasses, but have even made them into a fashion statement. So to all you kids who wear glasses, remember that many celebrities do the same not to correct their vision (though some do), but because they think they make them look cool. Therefore, wear your eyeglasses and wear them proud, children. You will realize soon enough that glasses = fashion statement.

10. Elton John: Elton John is a prolific performer, no doubt about it. But what is a good performer without a little showmanship? John has donned an array of glasses over the years, from ones with feathers all the way down to regular square glasses. Either way, they fit him well.

9. Lisa Loeb: In 1994, Dallas-area native Lisa Loeb came onto the scene with "Stay (I Missed You)" from the film Reality Bites. The song itself climbed to the top of the charts and earned Loeb the distinction of being the only unsigned artist to ever achieve a No. 1 hit.

In 2005, Loeb starred in the E! reality series Number 1 Single, which chronicled her adventures in dating while trying to juggle her music career. She eventually married Conan music producer Roey Hershkovitz in 2009, and launched her own signature line of eyewear in 2011.

8. Steven Page (formerly of Barenaked Ladies): Remember the Barenaked Ladies? Page, their former lead vocalist, was a wearer of eyewear. However, he quit the band in 2009 to focus on a solo career.

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Dave Hester
Dave Hester

Roy Orbison? Geddy Lee? Bootsy Collins? Paul Shaffer? Ray Manzarek? Maybe not politically correct, but: Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder? Although not as popular in the rock genres, Dave Brubeck, Gustav Mahler, Tommy Dorsey.


#1 Buddy Holly  #2 John Lennon ... the rest of the list can be in whatever order ya wish, but not having those 2 at the top ...?


actually the list was in no particular order. Sorry that I failed to mention that. 

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