The 10 Most Rocking Songs In Children's Entertainment

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Here's the thing about children's entertainment, it's designed to appeal not only to the lowest common denominator, but the toughest audience known to man.

Don't believe me? Try playing your favorite song to a toddler, even something that is an acknowledged classic like the Pretenders' "I'll Stand by You" or Wumpscut's "Christfuck." They will not sit still or be quiet until you bust out something more universally appealing.

That being said, sometimes children's entertainment busts out the occasional, undeniable classic rock and roll moment. Today we honor the best.

10: Charmer, "Mesozoic Mind": Fred Savage starred in Dinosaurs! - A Fun Fill Trip Back In Time, a 1980s educational video full of Claymation prehistoric awesomeness that was perfect for traumatizing children by showing them T.Rexes begging not to die in a meteoric fireball. It also had this little rock moment. I'm fully in love with the laid-back Parasaurolophus bass player.

9. Yo Gabba Gabba feat. Jack Black, "Goodbye Song": Picking a single Yo Gabba Gabba rock moment is almost impossible since the show has become what Saturday Night Live used to be, a showcase for the best and brightest young musicians. What sets the "Goodbye Song" apart is the shredtastic guitar solo that takes us out of the episode.

8: Fraggle Rock, "Do You Want It?": Sadly, no one has loaded up this song from the Fraggle Rock episode "Wembley and the Mean Genie" onto to YouTube yet, so you're just going to either go out and by the DVD set or take my word. Hopefully the pic aboive convinces you of the angry, stompy goodness that comes out like Mike Patton in his pissier moods.

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I always thought the teenage mutant ninja turtles theme was pretty rockin. So I was pretty bummed to find out it was written by that dork that created the god-awful sitcoms "two and a half men" and "the big bang theory."

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