Missed Connections: 5 Summer Fest Weekend Team-Ups We'd Like to See

3. The Descendents & Fat Tony: We get that it looks like a major styles clash on the surface, but let's take this thing step by step. The Descendents formed in '78, added singer Milo Aukerman in '80 and by '82 had released one of the great punk records of all time. Fat Tony wasn't born until six years after Milo Goes to College was released, but don't hold his age against him: He is a three-time Houston Press Best Underground Hip-Hop Award winner.

He's also a punk rock fan. Among his favorite bands, Tony lists The Ramones, Bad Brains and Black Flag. That last one is worth noting because you know who used to be in Black Flag? Bill Stevenson, who happens to be the drummer in The Descendents.

We don't know what the combo would sound like, but at least it would be interesting. So what if it is a styles clash?

2. The Flaming Lips & Walk Off the Earth: If the name Walk Off the Earth doesn't ring a bell, don't worry. You might not know the name, but there's a chance you've seen their viral video. They're the group that does "Somebody That I Used To Know" cover with five people on one guitar. It was a silly idea, but their brand of whimsy has turned into a full-blown U.S. tour.

The Flaming Lips are, by Wayne Coyne's own admission, a freaky group. It's lead to everything from Coyne rolling on top of his audience in a giant hamster wheel to a box set of four CDs meant to be played at the same time.

Although they might express their weirdness in different ways, the two bands are close to being kindred spirits. They both embody a sense of playfulness and oddity sorely missing in a lot of music today. Although we may never get a team-up from them, we imagine that if we did it would be lighthearted and have an awesome video.

1. Nickelback & Snoop Dogg: Of all the imaginary crossovers we envision, this is the one that seems like it would have the most potential to actually happen.

Snoop Dogg will go into business with damn near anybody for the right price, be it a legend (like Willie Nelson) or a pop act looking for a little help on the remix (remember the Pussycat Dolls?). While Nickelback may not have a lot of collaborations in their discography, Chad Kroeger has worked with his fair share of artists and has appeared on tracks with Timbaland and Ludacris.

We pointed it out way back at the start of this blog that these two acts exist on two different ends of the popularity spectrum. Snoop is the type of rapper that your grandmother would like if she was into that sort of thing, and rational people start foaming at the mouth at the mention of Nickelback. And that's kind of why we'd like to see them onstage together, because at that point the crowd would have to make a choice: Boo someone they love or cheer someone they hate.

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