Phil Anselmo Talks Solo Records, New Down Material & Pantera's Legacy

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The new single off the Vulgar reissue, "Piss," has been a monster on rock radio, even though Pantera hasn't been active in over a decade.

Anselmo and the surviving members of the band, drummer Vinnie Paul and bassist Rex Brown, put together the reissue with the help of their label through e-mail messages. Anselmo's pride in the album doesn't waiver, but working on the release does come with plenty of emotions.

His tone grows wistful and somber when he talks about Pantera.

"We have not been a band since 2001, and I get mixed emotions," he says. "I'm proud, and then I am a little saddened by the whole thing. Losing Darrell was monumental in all of our lives, but the spirit of Pantera, it carries on and on."

"It makes me miss that fantastic audience, those huge anthemic songs. I am a little sentimental." I let him know that that level of sentimentality seems out of order from his public persona.

"I shoot it straight," says Anselmo. "Sometimes you read an interview from a musician, it seems like a paint-by-numbers deal."

Once his obligations with Down and the Housecore groups settle down, he is looking forward to releasing his own solo album. "It's an extreme listen," he says.

It's been in the planning stages for years, but just this past year did it become reality.

"I tried to take everything I knew about heavy metal and extreme music and contradict it, take it like a ball of clay and reshape it." Anything that was traditionally metal, he adds, was tricked out, with the help of guitarist and Houston native Marzi Montazeri.

"Just to call this record heavy metal would be shortchanging it," Anselmo promises.

With haarp, 8 p.m. Saturday at Warehouse Live.

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