Happy Birthday, Zuckerberg: Our 5 Least Favorite Facebook Annoyances

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Does anyone actually see this screen anymore?
Facebook is great for a lot of things. It helps us keep in touch with family and friends without having to actually call them, allows us to play games in our browsers when we should be working and helps us remember birthdays we'd forget.

It allows me to be a hermit while giving the illusion that I'm really involved in the world, and for that I thank Mark Zuckerberg. At 28, due to his creation, he's roughly 17.5 billion times wealthier than me and probably very difficult to buy presents for.

It's not all sunshine and roses in the land of Facebook. Part of being involved in social circles means having to deal with all the annoying things the people that you know (or kind of know or tangentially know) do.

John Lomax covered many of these annoyances awhile back over in Hair Balls, and they all still apply. That said, there are other, music-related annoyances regarding Zuckerberg's baby worth noting; here are five first-world problems that happen on a regular basis.

Photo by Slava.
I'd be more excited about this show if I knew any of these people.
1. Spamming Your Band: There's nothing wrong with wanting to be creative and if people want to start bands or go the solo route, that's awesome. If they make their music freely available, I'll check it out in hopes of finding something new. And hey, if they get booked for a show, more power to them.

That said, if your friends don't live in the same city as you, don't send them event invites to your show. We're supposed to be your friends and not people you're cold-calling trying to sell something to. Spamming everyone on your list shows that you don't really care who shows up to your show, and if you don't care, why should we?

Post a status update about the show, invite the friends in your area and don't get upset when people decline. And if they say that "I'm busy" then later post an update about the thing they're doing that isn't your show, don't get upset; they told you they were busy.

2. People Are Lazy Sharers: The more people you know, the more viral videos you encounter. Sometimes you get the same video multiple times in an hour, sometimes they show up slowly over the course of two weeks.

The problem with viral videos is not that some people are behind the times. The problem with viral videos is that no one ever bothers to explain why anyone should click them.

Look at that video above. It's popped up multiple times this week. It's not bad, it's not great. It's probably enough to get him on Ellen.

But not a single person explained why the song was worth checking out. Plenty of "OMG! This song is going straight to my iPod!" and "Why can't this be the original??" but nothing about the actual content of the video.

If you really want to share videos, at least include some frame of reference about why the video is interesting. It takes ten seconds, max.

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