Metro's Rapping Puppets Make Sweet Beastie Boys Tribute

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transit_boys pic may 11.jpg
Photo courtesy of Metro
Both sets of Transit Boyz... hope that doesn't become a problem.
When December rolls around, of all the days of the year, I imagine I will remember last Friday pretty well. I have not felt the kind of sadness I felt when Craig called from New Orleans to make sure I knew that Adam Yauch, MCA of the Beastie Boys, had died in a while. (I didn't know.)

Losing Levon Helm also hurt, but MCA's death especially stung because I remember specifically staying up late to watch "Fight for Your Right" on Friday Night Videos in sixth grade. (No MTV, this one.) Some years later, my friend Bill played me Check Your Head in his car. I thought, "wow, they've really changed," and became a fan for life.

I imagine MCA could have been my older brother, if my older brother was a wisecracking vegan Buddhist from Brooklyn. I did not imagine that earlier this week, I would get a press kit from Metro announcing the return of their young rapping spokespeople The Transit Boyz, who first made a splash in 2010 with "How We Roll," a video designed to get young people to think of public transportation in a good way.

I should add that the Transit Boyz are puppets, and explicitly patterned after the Beastie Boys. Sometimes a panda follows them around like DJ Hurricane. The video for "How We Roll" starred live humans, so the Transit Boyz may have been replaced by puppets. I hope so.

Now the Transit Boyz are back with a new CD, The Return Trip, and first single "Ballad of the Boyz." Unfortunately, it's only available as a promotional item, but I am going to make it my mission in life (at least for a little while) to get this sucker released commercially. People need to see this.

So far Metro has only released two videos, for "How We Roll" and "Ballad of the Boyz." This CD has three more songs -- "Making Tracks," "We Ride the Bus" and "Ride the Lane" -- so hopefully there's more to come. (That makes it more of an EP, I suppose, but whatever.)

Here's what they've accomplished so far. I imagine MCA would approve.

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Gotta find out who actually did the rapping! I betcha some real Beasties covers from them wouldn't be half bad . . .

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