Last Night: Ty Segall at Walter's

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Photos by Alexa Crenshaw
Ty Segall and band
Ty Segall, White Fence, Useless Eaters, Mikey and the Drags
May 24, 2012

This was all just garage/psychedelic/whatever-you-may-call-it rock at its finest. You could say that Ty Segall brought a rowdy crowd that used the larger space at Walter's on Naylor well indeed, to say the least.

Segall, along with all of the opening acts playing, delivered hard-driven stuff, clear with their influences. It was the kind of music where even if it may not be your bag to listen to it on a regular basis, it was hard not to have a good time seeing it live, and/or have the intense urge to get really drunk while seeing it live.

Your humble reporter held back such an urge, and still had a blast.

dragz may 25.jpg
Mikey & the Drags
The crowd was entirely just rockin' out. I'm trying to say that with the least amount of cheese possible, but it's true. Everyone...and their dads...were rocking out. That being said, the crowd was of all ages, considering Segall's clear '60s and '70s influences but fresh take on that kind of music. So the crowd genuinely followed suit.

First act Mikey & the Drags began their set with a small-ish crowd present. This three-piece local band most clearly showed their influences, pulling from '60s garage-rock songs. They proudly played a Mummies cover for their second-to-last song. Sims Hardin filled in for drummer Andrew Lee, as Lee is currently on tour with the Wild Moccasins.

Useless Eaters
Useless Eaters played next and were a mess, but a good mess. I kept hearing the Germs, or many other things along that line -- that is, if the Germs had a drummer complete with groomed chest hair. Couldn't unsee. They gave me their set list, which doubled as a bag to stash their bottle of whiskey. The party continued.

The crowd was pouring in, both during Useless Eaters and directly following. The 100-gallon (or so) trash can that had been empty about an hour earlier was almost filled with finished drinks by this time. Scene.

Of the shows I've been to at Walter's on Naylor, this one brought the biggest crowd I have seen so far.

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Walters Downtown

1120 Naylor, Houston, TX

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