Friday Night: Chamillionaire, Paul Wall & Z-Ro at Warehouse Live

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Photos by Marco Torres
Paul Wall, baby.
Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, Z-Ro
Warehouse Live
May 5, 2012

If you've been staying up nights worrying that Houston's rap legacy will be lost on the city's current crop of teens and young adults, go ahead and sleep soundly tonight. The crowd for Friday night's concert featuring local all-stars Chamillionaire, Z-Ro and Paul Wall was as young as any I've seen in the past year.

As I was waiting in line to get inside, in fact, a pretty blond girl in front of me that looked to be all of 16 years old was busted for her fake ID. Evidently, H-Town rap still goes hard in high-school parking lots.

DJ Matt Murdoch, a youngster himself, warmed up the crowd by playing classic Dirty South rap records. The show didn't get started for real until after 10 p.m. Local up-and-comers Thurogood Wordsmith, the Niceguys and Cool Dre comprised the first half of the bill.

Niceguys may 7.jpg
The Niceguys
Each turned in an energetic set that probably won them some new fans, but the audience was obviously hungry for the H-Town superstars.

The crowd began buzzing noticeably when Swishahouse DJ Michael "5000" Watts was introduced. Watts spun a few local classics like Yungstar's "Knockin' Pictures Off the Wall" to whip the audience into a frenzy before Paul Wall took the stage.

Half the fun of these shows is hearing the needle drop on cuts like Big Hawk's "You Already Know," inspiring a collective "Ohhhhhh!" from the assembled fans. Half the crowd Friday must have been in elementary school during the S.U.C.'s heyday, but they still went off hard for the good stuff.

slim thugga may7.jpg
Slim Thugga
Paul Wall didn't tease any special guests for his set Friday night. Instead, he cut right to the chase and brought out Bun B (surprise!) right away for his first song of the night, "I'm Real, You Fake." The Trill OG stuck around for "They Don't Know," too, a major highlight of the night that had every hand in the air. As usual, Paul was repping H-Town hard.

The guests didn't end there, however. The crowd really exploded when Slim Thug appeared to turn in his verse from "Houston," the tribute track released during the Texans' playoff run last season. Judging by the fans' response, the Texans 100 percent own the city right now -- let's hope Matt Schaub can stay healthy.

Slim Thugga returned later in the set for his career-making verse on "Still Tippin'," the track that shot both Paul and Slim to national prominence in 2004. Mike Jones apparently didn't get an invite; maybe he was busy Friday.

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"Evidently, H-Town rap still goes hard in high-school parking lots."

That was perfect!


What bothered me about this show was that it was advertised "Paul Wall & Chamillionaire w/ Z-Ro". I was expecting them to do some throwbacks, but nope. Not even one song together from the former duo. Smh

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