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With the term "dance club," there are two ways to go.

There's the myopic view, where the term strictly means the glitzy, glamorous, fabulous clubs (once known as "discotheques") that maybe aren't specifically for dancing but certainly do include it in their arsenals, and there's the panoptic view, which refers to any venue where dancing occurs.

For the sake of this piece (and for the sake of accuracy, really), the latter is where it's at. So, Houston's Top 8 Dance Clubs:

8. Ei8ht: Ei8ht, one of Washington Corridor's first truly awe-inspiring nightlife facilities, is the closest to a traditional "dance club" venue as any on the list. It is everything you'd want in a nightclub. There's a built-in red carpet (which, incidentally, is streamed to a large monitor in a separate location inside), a fancy-pants water fountain, some look-at-me VIP booths and a second-story patio ideal for people watching. (LOOK AT THOSE SCHMOES WAITING IN LINE! FOOLS! AHAHAHA.) More important, though, it is always stuffed full. Ei8ht is Christian Bale in American Psycho, minus all of the murdering, of course.

5102 Washington, 713-880-3500, Web site

7. Houston Flea Market's Club La Noche: Yes, this belongs here. It seems counterintuitive that a place you can go to to purchase a quinceañera dress, a picture of your kid on a pony and maybe a bootleg version of The Avengers on DVD would also house one of Houston's best dance clubs, but that's exactly what's going on at HFM.

HFM has been open for more than 40 years; it is a city staple. And its nightclub, Club La Noche, a surprisingly large extension of the flea market, has existed in some form or fashion for more than two decades. Live music, big dance floor, hundreds of people, all that. If you're looking to turn a Sunday afternoon into a Saturday evening, there is no better place in Houston.

6116 Southwest Fwy., 713-780-0070, no Web site

6. Grooves: Grooves is a do-everything venue, a gargantuan nightlife spot that flexes its might within the black community. It has a large enough dance floor to accommodate its hundreds of guests, a steady lineup of some of the city's best DJs and a proper menu of food at your disposal. There are TVs, private spaces and more. There might not be a more enjoyable place in the city to listen to Bell Biv DeVoe's "Poison" while trying to figure out a way to talk to that attractive woman at the bar all the guys are staring at.

2300 Pierce, 713-759-9700, Web site

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5102 Washington, Houston, TX

Category: Music


2300 Pierce St., Houston, TX

Category: Music

Rebels Honky Tonk

5002 Washington, Houston, TX

Category: Music


2401 San Jacinto, Houston, TX

Category: Music

Tropicana Nite Club

3222 Fondren, Houston, TX

Category: Music


300 Westheimer, Houston, TX

Category: Music

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Both #'s  and Riches have given Houston nightlife a couple of places that are both legendary, iconic, and of course an extraordinary assault on ones own senses, included of course with top notch music that is most suitable for many genres found within dance,electronic, alternative,hip hop,rock,etc muZic. 


#'s rocks.

and where else in this town can you go out, get sloshed and dance all night on a friday for less than $20?


Yes - Rich's should be number 1. I don't think I've ever danced my ass off as often or as much as that place. GOD BLESS RICH'S and hopefully they get this tenant deal sorted out because I always looked forward to Friday EDM nights (the ONLY time I ever go). Also missing on the list is RED DOOR! I love dancing so much that when I'm forced to be stationary, I'll dance in my head. They play a good selection of house, hip-hop and cheesy techno (the last two I'm convinced are only played to appease the mainstream tastes.) And the dance floor is MASSIVE and everyone is ALWAYS dancing. Ei8ht has way too many creepy dancefloor lurkers who just stand on the sidelines and watch. And that dance floor is the size of my bedroom. The only places I go to dance now: Rich's, Red Door and Stereo Live. 

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