The Best & Worst-Case Scenarios For The Future Of Musical Holograms

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Like most night owls, I spent early Monday morning watching YouTube clips of a holographic Tupac Shakur playing Coachella with his friends Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg nearly 16 years after his death. It was at once creepy and crass, but altogether interesting no matter how you sliced it, and not just because they rendered the digital 'Pac taller and more muscular than he ever was.

Of course, if this technology takes off and the concert industry invests in it, the possibilities will be endless, and endlessly expensive for music fans willing to shell out extra dough to see a deceased artist live in concert. It's like séances have turned pro. Hell, they don't even to be deceased. The Rolling Stones could be supported on tour by their 1964 selves, or even an eerie flickering Robert Johnson.

This is different than animated bands like the Gorillaz or Dethklok touring in the past, with live musicians performing behind them. Would you even conceivably need live music for these shows? Would people care?

Elvis Will Be Everywhere

Which is certainly a fact. Will he go on tour behind a revue of every single era in his performance career. The '50s sexy hellraiser to the sweaty balladeer at death's door in the '70s could put asses in the seats for sure. Holograms would make Graceland a creepier experience than it already is, with an agitated Elvis telling you to scat from his front lawn after business hours.

With Michael Jackson

But who is to say that MJ didn't already have this in mind, as our friend and colleague Brando wondered? Generations of kids would be able to know the Gloved One not from YouTube clips, but a holographic image moon-walking across a stage.

And So Will The Beatles

You say you want a Beatles reunion? Well, why not pay to see the boys perform at the Cavern Club or perform "The White Album" in it's entirety? All we can say is thank the good lord that the Beatles survivors aren't money hungry, right? Right? This is going to happen in my lifetime, won't it?

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