RIP Jim Marshall: Twitter Honors The Man Who Redefined Loud

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Photo by Groovehouse
Warren Demartini's Marshall stacks onstage at Ratt's Warehouse Live show, July 2010
Jim Marshall, who created an amplifier known as much for its sleek, slightly ominous-looking design as its ear-splitting volume, died in London Thursday morning at age 88. He had cancer and had suffered several strokes, his son Terry told the Associated Press.

Marshall's hefty amplifier was introduced in 1960. Often known as a "stack" and used in combination with several others exactly like it, it was used by just about every rock band worth mentioning, from The Who to Nirvana. Uncle Tupelo immortalized the stack in their 1993 song "We've Been Had," and the last time Rocks Off saw ZZ Top at the Rodeo, it was the only piece of equipment onstage besides the band's instruments.

As word of Marshall's death spread throughout the morning, musicians, guitar companies, music media and regular fans paid their respects on Twitter.

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Barry Levene
Barry Levene

For all interested parties, MNVDISCS have footage of Jim Marshall at an award ceremony.This event filmed by Will Scally, has never been broadcast.Please feel free to contact me.Regards,Barry

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