Rick Ross Won't Reschedule Missed Show; Refunds Available

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This past Saturday night's mysterious Rick Ross no-show at Bayou Music Center continues to be unexplained. Many people who were at the show believe promoters Real Uprizing Productions failed to pay Ross' fee and covered for themselves by announcing the portly rapper suffered a seizure, which would be consistent with his medical history.

Earlier today, Bayou Music Center said the show will not be rescheduled and refunds will be available at point of purchase. Those who bought tickets online should have their accounts refunded or should contact Ticketmaster's customer service department, a BMC representative added.

Live Nation owns BMC but did not promote Saturday's show; it was what is known as a "rental." Neither Real Uprizing Productions or Ross' management has commented publicly on the situation thus far.

Rocks Off's Marco Torres, who covered the concert for us, says Real Uprizing has promised to issue a statement about what happened, but has not done so at this time.

Ross also suffered a seizure during a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Memphis last October. Yesterday, he canceled a show scheduled for Monday night at Guyana's National Stadium.

"Rick Ross' management this evening informed management at Hits and Jams that the artist has suffered a medical emergency and has been ordered by his doctors not travel," said a statement by that show's promoters, Hits and Jams Entertainment.

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