Rick Ross Cancels Houston Show After Apparent Seizure

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Photos by Marco Torres
Tank Law performs Saturday before Rick Ross canceled.
A Rick Ross show at the newly renamed Bayou Music Center (formerly Verizon Wireless Theater) was cut short on Saturday night because one thing was missing: Rick Ross.

The show, which included Ross understudy Ace Hood and Alief's own Tank Law, was presented by promoters Real Uprizing. Conflicting reports continue to stream in as to the true reason for the absence of the Maybach Music boss.

After arriving to the venue and receiving my press credential, I was escorted backstage and got to view the set times. The headliner was set to perform at 10:45 p.m., which in rap terms usually means closer to 11:30 p.m. I spoke to a member of the security team, who advised that the venue's curfew was midnight.

The openers took the stage as scheduled, but after an extended set by Go DJ Big Tho, the crowd became restless. At about ten minutes until midnight, an announcement was made that Rick Ross had suffered a seizure at his hotel and would be unable to perform.

As you may remember, Ross suffered a series of seizures on his way to Memphis last

The crowd wasn't buying it. Many immediately began accusing the promoters of being "janky" ("jacked up and stanky," according to Urban Dictionary). Emails to the promoters for more information have been thus far unanswered.

No one in Ross' camp has commented publicly on his medical condition at this point. We are also waiting for a response from Warner Brothers Music Group, the distributor for Maybach Music Group, Ross' label.

Big Tho wasn't buying it, and took to Twitter Sunday with the following:

big-tho-tweet april 9.jpg

big-tho-tweet-2 april 9.jpg

I did contact a trusted source by text message with the following:

"Ross was a no-show at the concert"

"I know."

"Is the seizure stuff true?"

"Very true."

We will keep you updated on this story as more info is available.

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He also posted a picture of his shoes on Twitter at the same time he was supposed to be on stage..


not the 1st time always late  .....im just saying 

Chris Gray
Chris Gray

Until we hear from either Ross' management or Uprizing, it's all hearsay at this point, including what the BMC workers said. Big Tho seems to believe them, but 24 Hour Hip hop says Ross' management also cited medical reasons for canceling his show scheduled for today in Guyana.



Your source is wrong. He backed out because the promoters didn't have his money. I was there and spoke to bmc workers.


The only reason they said a seizure was to ensure everyone got a refund for the event and for Ross not to lose no fans. And that's why his people didn't confirm or deny anything because he pissed us all off who were at that bullshit until almost 1am listen to dj big tho who said he was in the building then all of a sudden he had a fucking seizure.

Chris Gray
Chris Gray

That may very well be true, but we still haven't heard back from the promoter, so at this point anything is hearsay, even what BMC workers heard. Big Tho seems to believe them, but Ross also canceled a show scheduled for today in Guyana, again citing medical reasons.


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