Girl Gone Wild: Madonna's Top 10 Dance/Club Chart-Toppers

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For the past two weeks, Madonna's latest single, "Girl Gone Wild," has been sitting pretty at the top of Billboard's Hot Dance/Club Play chart.

That's the chart that tabulates which songs are getting the most spins in discos and dance clubs. It's a cool, upbeat track about losing control of your desire on the dance floor, and its music video includes an extra-strength dose of shirtless dudes dancing in high heels and hose. We're looking forward to hearing it live when Madge hits Toyota Center in October.

What's really incredible about "Girl Gone Wild," though, is that it's Madonna's 42nd (!) No. 1 single on the Dance/Club chart, the most ever by far by any artist. It's a record in no danger of being broken anytime soon, either. Her nearest competitor is Janet Jackson, who's scored 19.

So far, Madonna has spent a total of 73 weeks in the top spot of the Dance/Club chart over the course of her 30-year career. That's damn near a year and a half! Because we're unrepentant Madonna obsessives, Rocks Off has taken the time to go through all 42 of her No. 1 dance singles and pick out our favorites so that you can throw your own little dance party at home, behind closed doors, where no one will laugh at you.

Remember now, this is Madonna we're talking about; the following music videos should be considered NSFW unless you work in a gay discotheque.

10. "Holiday": This one was Madonna's first Dance/Club chart-topper. It peaked at No. 1 along with "Lucky Star" in 1983. Sweetened to perfection by Madonna's producer/boyfriend Jellybean Benitez, "Holiday" was a fresh, effervescent triumph for the budding pop star. It spent five weeks on top of the Dance/Club chart, and would also be her first of a couple crates' worth of singles to enter the Billboard Hot 100 and, by all accounts, is still Madonna's favorite Madonna song.

9. "Open Your Heart": The fourth (and best) single from 1986's True Blue, "Open Your Heart" was a simple little love song that Madonna infused with a sense of erotic longing in her vocals, touching off a dance-floor explosion. It hit No. 1 on the Dance/Club Play chart on Feb. 14, 1987.

The music video for "Open Your Heart" is pretty unforgettable -- The image of a tassled Madonna peeling off her Liza Minnelli wig to reveal platinum blond beneath, dancing and singing in her own little world on the peep-show stage before running off with a kid with whom she had an ambiguous relationship was the kind of thing people were staying home on Friday nights to watch on MTV.

8. "Deeper and Deeper": An upbeat dance track in the best Madonna tradition, "Deeper and Deeper" was the most overtly disco-oriented track of her career. While it didn't achieve the indelible crossover success of her previous club hits, it still went to No. 1 on the Hot Dance/Club Play chart in 1993.

Rather than dating the tune, the disco flourishes highlighting "Deeper and Deeper" instead serve to add a timeless appeal to what was the very epitome of an early-'90s dance track.

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