Michael Artis: Director Would Shoot Video For Hologram Tupac

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Photos courtesy of Michael Artis
A little horn-tooting: Last year, the Houston Press Music Awards were thoroughly successful. Thoroughly.. Barack Obama actually tweeted that they were better than the Grammys. For real. (Not for real, though.)

A little honesty: Still, despite the amazingness, there was one section of the Houston music scene that went unrewarded: The filmmakers. [I guess that means we have to add a "Best Video" category this year - -ed.]

This year though, it appears they're intent on making absolutely sure that a Best Video category gets added. And high among the list of potential nominees is Michael Artis, whose latest video for Slim Thug's "My Car" featuring Kirko Bangz and Doughbeezy, debuted on MTV this past Sunday.

We stole a few minutes from him to ask about it, as well as Ivan Drago and, of course, Hologram Tupac. Onward.

Rocks Off: First, tell everyone everything they need to know about Michael Artis in exactly six words.

Michael Artis: Directing is in my birth chart.

RO: Second, congrats on "My Car" landing on MTV over the weekend. How many of your videos is it that've made it there now?

MA: Thank you. This is my third video that has made it to MTV.

RO: Let's say you got to re-shoot the video for any song in history. Which would you pick? Why?

MA: I wouldn't re-shoot anyone's video. I respect everyone's creative vision.

RO: How does one prepare to shoot a video? Is there a hyped-up workout regime ahead of time, like how Rocky does right before he fights Ivan Drago? That's cool, man. Is it expensive for you to keep flying to Russia?

MA: I do 25 pushups then run to set with no shirt on. [laughs] Nah, there's a lot of planning, organizing, and scheduling that takes place before the shoot date. It can get very hectic but it's an addictive rush and very satisfying when everything is complete.

RO: Who comes up with the ideas for these videos you're shooting? Is it you or the rappers? Are you ever like, "Oh, yeah, that's a really great idea rapper, but how about if you SIT THE FUCK DOWN AND LET ME DO MY JOB!?"

MA: Sometimes it's me, sometimes the artists, sometimes the treatment writers, and sometimes it's a collaboration of all of those people together. I never really have problems with the artists I work with. They value my direction and creativity.

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Brandt Hardin
Brandt Hardin

This was absolutely phenomenal and shows the brilliancetechnology can bring to art.  It isthrough art that we can carry on the legends of the most brilliant performersand minds of our time.  What a tributethis was to a legendary hip hop artist. You can see some more 2Pac art on my artist’s blog with a surrealillustration I made in memoriam recently at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot...

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