Koppo's The Hood Still Ain't Safe Enriches Houston Gangster Rap Scene

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The Houston gangster rap scene has a fresh, new and worthy addition in Northside rapper Koppo. The proof comes in the form of his recently dropped album, The Hood Still Ain't Safe, which represents the rapper coming into his own moment while still scrapping for widespread Houston notoriety. 

Koppo's vocals are gritty. To the ear, they sound like what's left in the corner of a gutter on a hood street corner -- muddy, grainy and grimy remains. His style is sometimes reminiscent of Plies, but Koppo doesn't deliver proper speak off the mike like his Florida counterpart.

He's truly a product of the hood and hard times. In January 2011 we wrote:

He's a man whose style can either irk you or grab you at first taste. He regurgitates his own poverty- and death-inspired desperation and "fuck the world" sentiments with gravelly-sounding hooks and exasperating vocals.

You get the feeling he's exorcizing anxiety, distraction and despair from deep within him. Depression's never been more fun to listen to.

Hood represents a quantum leap in growth by Koppo from his previous projects, whose music was not nearly as crisp and neatly composed and packaged (production-wise) as Hood.

This project has consistency in the quality of each track -- 90 percent of them are worth a listen. And most importantly, Koppo has channeled his trials and hood life in a mature and digestible delivery, like he did with three-year-old track ""I'm Sorry."

Lastly, Koppo carries his own. On Hood, his strongest tracks are when he is the only one rapping. While "I'm Real," featuring J Dawg, isn't a terrible track, it doesn't represent the best of this project. 

Take a listen to "Misunderstood," "Rapstar," "Heater" and "World of G'z." Preview or buy The Hood Still Ain't Safe here on iTunes. Follow Koppo here on Twitter.

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