Ex-Rocket Steve Francis Turns Rapping Twitter Phenom

Every rapper dreams of being a baller and every baller dreams of being a rapper. It rings true today and former Houston Rocket Steve Francis renews the saying with his recently discovered hip-hop label Mazerati Music.

Rocks Off cringed when we saw Dan Devine's Ball Don't Lie sports blog on Francis's rap video, "Finer Things." We were catching up with "Finer Things" video director Akil Ak Kurji, a young, smart and driven entrepreneur who has his hands in all kinds of businesses, at his home just a week ago.

Kurji showed us the video in passing as he talked about his aspirations to build multiple businesses. We had the scoop, but dropped it. Life goes on.

It turns out Francis's venture into hip-hop is interesting enough to the public that it trended worldwide on Twitter Wednesday and sparked tons of negative feedback. That's expected. Professional athletes are more often mocked and made fun of than praised for venturing out of bounds into the music studio.

And that's because their music usually sucks. Francis doesn't escape the tradition.

Here's a taste of the Twitter feedback.

@ESPNChrisPalmer tweets "Steve Francis was Derrick Rose with drama and distractions."

@ChessNwine tweets,"Time to check-in with Steve Francis, because he's making 90s/Bad Boy-style rap videos, obviously."

@marcel_mutoni tweets "R.I.P. rap music."

@ItsJustNoel tweets, "Artest elbow,Deion getting decked by 2 birds,Brian McKnight video & now Steve Francis. it's been a funny week so far man lmaoo"

@Noo_eL tweets, "RT @OdeiFmob: So you mean to tell me Steve Francis is a rapper now??? Hahahahaha << bro if you can fake a death you can do anything!!!"


Rocks Off caught up with Kurji while he was in China about Francis, and he gave us insight into his relationship with the baller/rapper while defending his client.

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Gilbert Ramon
Gilbert Ramon

I heard the album just went triple plastic...


$25K per video seems really overpriced.

Talk about BMF (Blowing Money Fast).

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