Coachella: The Black Lips' Cole Alexander Goes Full Monty, Plays Guitar With His Ding-Dong

Note: We're running reports from our sister blog in LA, West Coast Sound, on the Coachella Music Festival.

The Black Lips started off Saturday at Coachella with a bang. The flower-punk band from Atlanta, Georgia decided to pull a Jim Morrison-esque maneuver during their 2:15 set at the Mojave tent. They ended the show with full frontal nudity.

Throughout their performance, the young audience moshed and crowd surfed with ferocious intensity -- "Time", "Modern Art" and "Dumpster Dive" got particularly out of hand. Dreadlocked punks and little surf rats hit each other as hard as they could. The band tossed beers into the crowd, urging those who caught them to share.

After jamming their hit "Bad Kids," front man Cole Alexander shed his floppy Southern hat and pretty much everything else he was wearing. He dropped his pants and exposed himself to the screaming crowd, strumming their last licks with his shaft.

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