Black Market Syndicate: Punk Believers Rejoice with Peasants

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Courtesy of Black Market Syndicate
Black Market Syndicate are true believers. Besides releasing second album And the Peasants Rejoiced at Fitzgerald's Saturday, the Houston punk quartet is streaming it all weekend on their ReverbNation page. For the people.

Produced by Street Dogs' Johnny Rioux, Peasants stands up for the powerless and dreams of escaping the workaday routine in barricade-storming, fifth-column would-be anthems like "Disenfranchised Rebellion," "Greed and Hate," "Great Leap Forward" and "Avalanche." It's very much in the proud tradition of a couple of their punk heroes you'll read about in a bit.

Rocks Off subjected the five-year-old band's singer and guitarist Randy Rost to the third degree via e-mail earlier this week. Okay, maybe two and a half degrees.

Rocks Off: Tell us a little bit more about the band. Something even your fans might not know.

Randy Rost: Well... I didn't really go to school until the ninth grade. And that year I
skipped 64 nonconsecutive days in one semester until I got caught, haha. Somehow I passed and graduated, though (Says a lot about the public school system, right?)

Gaspar (bassist) LOVES comic books! Especially Batman, Punisher and Preacher.

All Nathan's (guitarist) Ex's Live in Texas, he's an amateur filmmaker and member of the KISS army (although he claims he was drafted).

Matt (drummer) Just had his first son a few months back and is getting married April 28

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RO: Why did you decide to make Peasants vinyl only?

RR: A record is a validating artifact both for the artist and the listener. It maintains (and often appreciates) in value. It's a far more collectible piece of memorabilia than a CDR. The artwork is also bigger, and the jacket can even look good framed on the wall of your living room.

Statistically vinyls are booming while CDs are quickly going the way of the 8-track. I'm not certain, but I don't even think new cars are being manufactured with CD players in them anymore. Only 1/8" jacks for iPhones.

Our solution for making nostalgia meet the digital age halfway is including a free digital download code inside every record. You go to the host Web site, enter the code and presto... ATPR is on your computer.

RO: Where can people buy the album?

RR: As of April 21, the physical album will be available on most online retailers (Amazon, Best Buy, etc.) and the digital album will be on all digital retailers (iTunes, Amazon digital, etc.). The album will also be available at

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2706 White Oak, Houston, TX

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I just bought one of these portable players to spin their disc: my GEM electric car, I couldn't get a CD player for my rig, and I don't get how to use an iThingy.

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