5 Bands That Should Break Up Immediately

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Music fans are selfish. We might act like we only want what's best for our favorite bands, but the truth is that we really just want what will give us the most gratification.

A lot of ink, both real and digital, has been used this year to talk about reunions. And while writers might dissect the motives behind them, those motives don't matter to fans. A reunion is another chance to experience the live show and to hope for new music. It's all about gratification.

There's a flip side to fandom and gratification.

It's the side that encourages acts to stay together for our amusement. It's the side that tells bands to stay on the road doing the same song and dance twice a year, release albums full of filler tracks and to never change or evolve their sound. Why don't we encourage more bands to take a break?

We as fans shouldn't be focusing on bands that should get back together. We should be focusing on bands that should break up.

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Some numbers to consider:

13 -- the number of years between the formation of the band that would become Lynyrd Skynyrd and the plane crash that took the lives of three band members, two pilots and the band's assistant road manager.

25 -- the number of years since Skynyrd reunited to start touring again.

1 -- the number of members in the band that are a) still touring under the name Lynyrd Skynyrd b) on the cover of Street Survivors.

There's no question that Lynyrd Skynyrd wrote some incredible music back in the '70s. There's also no question that the plane crash that led to the band's "hiatus" was tragic. And there's no question that the members playing in the band currently are talented.

But Lynyrd Skynyrd they are not.

The reunion made sense back in 1987. There were five members of the band from the '70s era in the group, Johnny was at least related to Ronnie, and it would give fans the sense of closure that they didn't get from the band's abrupt end.

But with Gary Rossington as the only thread between the past and the present and having a career almost twice the length of the band that actually wrote the songs that people like, the whole thing is just tacky. They're the world's most famous cover band who just lucked out in getting to use the band's name.

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the only remotely logical replacement in queen for mercury would be david bowie...

as for skynyrd, i'd rather see them, even consisting solely of former members of rossington-collins, molly hatchet and blackfoot with ronnie van zandt's nephew's neighbor's cousin on lead vocals, over the likes of coldplay, nickelback and u2...  the latter 3 should not only break up immediately, they all owe us a huge apology for the mere existence of their back catalog...


Gary Packwood
Gary Packwood

Band members touring under the name of a band?

That's were the problems begin.

Why not form a single legal entity with no more than two or perhaps three people and everyone else gets a paycheck as an employee?

Band members who thought they were touring years ago UNDER a band's name are frequently bandits and keep lawyers in those 10,000 square feet homes in tall cotton.

Keep it simple.


Metallica, GNR, and other dinosaurs should also hang it up.


You should add Guns N' Roses to that list. The fact that Axl is using the name to basically have a solo outfit is all you need to know about GNR 2012. If he wants to use the name he should be required to reunite with the Appetite lineup or retire.

Jeff Nunnally
Jeff Nunnally

I'd like to toss War into this mix. The seminal Latin/tinged funk touring right now consists of the original keyboard player and a bunch of hourly employees playing the hits. The name "War" belongs to the band's old manager, and these musicians perform as his employees.

As if this situation wasn't appalling enough, the other 4 surviving members still tour, and perform the old catalog that they wrote and made famous. But not only can they not perform as "War", they have to refer to all their albums as "performed by that 3-letter band. They currently travel as an entity known as "The Low Rider Band."


I saw Queen in concert twice. Freddie Mercury's live performances were brilliant and inspired. They not only augmented the music, but they branded the music as (at least partially) his. Adam Lambert, vocally, works as a replacement. He does have a large stage presence, but Lambert-style stage presence and Mercury-style showmanship and song ownership are not the same. Would I pay to see it? No. I think it will be a karaoke version of Queen appreciated by Lambert fans and by middle-aged Queen fans desperate to recapture high school.


bad call on Tool. but I understand it.


Yeah, any comments I would've made, slamming Lynard Skynyrd's juvenile lyrics and mediocre music pale beside your ringing endorsement. And, that really sums up why they should've "broke up" 40 years ago, when they were just another redneck bar band.  

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