A Letter To Tyga: You Made Us Wait Too Long Thursday

Tyga Jae Tobar april 13.jpg
Photo by Jae Tobar/lifebeginsatmidnight.com
Tyga did finally go onstage... well after 1 a.m.
Dear Tyga,

Look, Michael -- may I call you Michael?

Michael, I'll be honest: What happened Thursday night hurt. A lot.

I don't know if you ever showed up -- I heard you went onstage a little after 1 a.m., and I want to believe that, but I believed that you'd show up between 10:30 and 11 p.m. like was advertised, and that didn't work out very well for me. But really, it doesn't even matter. You weren't there when I needed you.

lil_twist_1  april 13.jpg
Other photos by Marco Torres
Lil Twist
I stood through a set from Lil Twist which, nice as that young man might possibly be, was an absolute chore. You didn't rescue me.

I stood through a set from YG who, in case you missed it, exerted no small amount of energy shouting about how he was not interested in receiving a hand job, that he only wanted to receive oral sex instead. (Far as I could tell, nobody was offering either.) You didn't rescue me.

I stood through the nothingness of a DJ that felt compelled to play records that haven't been popular in years and carry no nostalgically effective asides (Lil Wayne's "Get Money," things like that). You didn't rescue me.

Still, all of that could've been overlooked. Alas, nothing.

All I wanted to do was shout the words to "Rack City" with you and about 1,000 white kids and then go home and go to sleep, so I could wake up and go to work and tell people about how profound it was to listen to that song that specific context.

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fall scoremore 


Do rappers not know how to tell time? What is up with them not playing on time? Someone please enlighten me. 


Standard hip-hop time. Duuuh


 CPT. You must be white...

John Seaborn Gray
John Seaborn Gray

It's not CPT, it's self-aggrandizing prima donna bullshit. Rappers turn into spoiled children very quickly with even a moderate amount of success.

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