Welcome to My World: 10 Musicians Who Deserve Their Own Reality Show

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Keith Urban
Ever since The Real World hit the MTV airwaves in the early '90s, reality television has been all the rage. However, since The Osbournes debuted in 2002, some of that reality programming has catered to music fans.

Even such music artists as country artist Tanya Tucker, rapper/minister Reverend Run (of Run-DMC), Travis Barker (of Blink-182) and plenty more have all gotten their own reality shows. Even Wilson Phillips has their own now.

Here are some artists who might do well if they had their own reality show.

10. Keith Urban: What's not to love about country singer Keith Urban? He plays country music like the rockers of old and has a beautiful wife, actress Nicole Kidman. It would be amazing to see him on the road, how he and his wife juggle their careers and keep it all together. It could air on GAC or CMT.

9. Sebastian Bach: Remember when Bret Michaels of Poison had his own "Bachelor"-style dating show where all those women vied for his love? It was called Rock of Love and aired on VH1. Well, former Skid Row lead singer Sebastian Bach also needs some love from the ladies. It could be called Lovin' Sebastian and it could also air on VH1.

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Photo by Daniel Kramer
8. Alice Cooper: Hey kids, remember that scene in Wayne's World where Wayne and Garth go to an Alice Cooper show and get the ultimate chance of a lifetime -- to go backstage and meet their hero? Well, what better way to see more behind-the-scenes Alice and Co. than with his own reality show? To borrow one of his album titles, the show could be called Alice Cooper: From the Inside. It should air on VH1 Classic.

7. Billie Joe Armstrong Billie Joe Armstrong has had his handiwork (musically speaking) in quite a few places these days -- not just with his band Green Day. American Idiot was made into a fairly well received Broadway musical and is now being turned into a major motion picture. Also, it would be nice to see him interact with some of his bandmates and family, in addition to the television show being a major promo piece for the film. However, there's only one network it should air on: Fuse.

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 I would suggest Roky Erickson, but "Reality" disqualifies him ...


Um, you could always get back to work.

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