Billy Gibbons Interviewed: New ZZ Top Album Sounds Like Tequila

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It's a long way to Reliant Stadium, right guys?
With ZZ Top ready to rock RodeoHouston Thursday, Rocks Off began to ponder whatever happened to the band's long awaited new-album.

Last summer, guitarist Billy Gibbons told Rocks Off that the band's first collection of new material since 2003's Mescalero would arrive in stores this winter. So far, however, the album is a no-show. Which is a shame given that the eagerly anticipated project was being produced by none other than the legendary Rick Rubin, who in addition to cofounding Def Jam Records, managed almost single-handedly to revive Johnny Cash's career.

As such, the new joint was being touted in the classic-rock blogosphere and elsewhere as a chance for Houston's tres hombres to resuscitate their sound and draw in a new generation of listeners.

But, as the music industry continues to spasm, nothing is that simple.

According to recent reports from music-industry insiders, the new ZZ Top album is now scheduled to hit shelves in June at the earliest. For his part, Gibbons has remained philosophical, promising the material will be worth the wait.

"Rick's got a special talent in assisting artists in reaching a little deeper and going back a little further," Gibbons said last year during a break from recording. He had just returned from Europe and was promoting Pura Vida, his new tequila brand launched by local businessman Stewart Skloss, while the band was planning to head back into the studio.

"We've got 13 tracks delivered," Gibbons continued. "He knows how to get me to work."

As of last month, however, there was still no sign of the new record. Meanwhile, Gibbons suggested in a November interview with Rolling Stone that the record might appear this spring.

"Some of the fans are a little antsy," Gibbons told RS scribe David Fricke. "It's coming along... When you add up the days in the studio, it hasn't allowed us much time to do much else than plug straight into an amp and play as a trio."

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Jon Macvean
Jon Macvean

what is the title for the new zz top studio album for 2012 thanks jon macvean

Classic Rock Bob
Classic Rock Bob

Rubin was also helping a new Crosby, Stills, and Nash record of covers and tracks were laid down, but the trio parted ways with him supposedly because he couldn't give them the attention


The photo changed, dang it. I wanted to see it big.


thats not Frank Beard in the photo

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