After American Idol And Bad Record Deal, Sundance Head Starts Over

photo by Mark Brubaker
Rocks Off hadn't thought much about Sundance Head since his 13th-place American Idol finish in 2007 and the momentary ballyhoo that followed.

Head, the son of legendary Houston blue-eyed soul man Roy Head, remains the only artist who didn't finish in the Top 5 on Idol to sign a major-label deal. But the deal with Universal Motown turned into a frustrating experience for the 32-year old Porter resident who released his first album, 2016 and Gruene, last week. We caught up with him at his job as an expediter for a local oil company.

Rocks Off: We seemed to have lost track of you not long after American Idol and your signing with Universal Motown. What happened there?

Sundance Head: It just didn't work. I signed under the impression that I would be doing an album of originals, but that's not what happened.

RO: What was the problem?

SH: They put me with Peter Collins as producer, and that was thrilling. He's produced all kinds of people -- Rush, Queensryche, Tracy Chapman, Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper -- so I thought something big could really happen. But as soon as we got in the studio, it all went south fast.

RO: What went wrong?

SH: I really was expecting to do an album of my originals, but from the minute he walked in it became clear they wanted me to sing their catalog. He said something like 'we're going to be doing the Motown classics.' And my heart just sank.

There was also talk of me doing a duets album of covers. Anyway, it wasn't long before they could tell my heart wasn't in the project. We cut the album, but they've never released it.

RO: So what did you do?

SH: I asked to be let out of my contract, but they wouldn't release me. Then I tried to buy out my contract, but they said no.

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