A Rush Limbaugh Playlist: What Else Could Upset Artists Like Peter Gabriel?

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This is how these two men represent themselves on Facebook.
There are a lot of people upset with Rush Limbaugh.

If you've heard what Limbaugh had to say about Georgetown student Sandra Fluke, then you can guess which parties are upset with him. Even a professional troll faces repercussions for calling a 30 year old college student "a slut".

It's not surprising that women's rights groups would be angered by what he said. It's not surprising that advertisers have started to jump ship. It's not even particularly surprising that President Obama called Fluke to encourage her to keep speaking up for the causes she believes in.

It was a bit surprising when Peter Gabriel got involved.

From the official Peter Gabriel Facebook Page:

Peter was appalled to learn that his music was linked to Rush Limbaugh's extraordinary attack on Sandra Flute. It is obvious from anyone that knows Peter's work that he would never approve such a use. He has asked his representatives to make sure his music is withdrawn and especially from these unfair aggressive and ignorant comments.

Having never listened to Limbaugh's show before, I had no idea he even played music. In fact, my initial response was "I wasn't aware that Gabriel and Limbaugh shared much of an audience." Then I watched the clip linked above.

Bumper music. That's radio speak for the "short clip of music that leads into the host talking." It's used to smooth out transitions between the talk show and the commercials.

I don't know how much involvement Limbaugh has with the selection of his bumper music. I know that before he became the divisive personality he is today that he was a disc jockey for a number of years. I'm curious about this because I'm curious about the decision to use "Sledgehammer' in the first place.

"Open up your fruit cage/ Where the fruit is as sweet as can be" right before you call a girl a slut? That's not provocative or funny; that's creepy.

Since Rocks Off is a music blog, I thought it be an interesting experiment to see what kind of music was being used on the show. After all, maybe he's playing some really killer jams before and after his talking points. I sat down for a few hours Monday, listened, and made some notes.

You're welcome, by the way.

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Dave Garry
Dave Garry

Peter, what's with the pic with you posing like the all-seeing eye in the pyramid? Are you owned with by the Illuminati?


Bravery. A good song for him right now is "An honest mistake".

You know Rush was wrong to be so misogynist, but Fluke ain't the innocent college girl fretting about her one and first sexual encounter with a boy. She is a liberal activist that enrolled in Georgetown to pursue activists causes like providing sexual-reassignment surgery at a catholic college that refused to pay for it through their employee health plan.

I didn't judge I just hate that liberals like to not be completely honest on this story. She was a plant.

Rush is just too mouthy to not step in it.


Just got your reference: I ain't passed the bar but I know a little bit-- enough to know you won't illegally search my shi5.

BTW, Crissy Hynde has lobbied for years to get her song off his show. The law states as long as he pays the fee, Rush can play the song and he does. Kinda hard to see how a winner like him keeps ending up on the marriage market, ain't it? Why would five or six women let this catch go?

From the same: Rush is having girl problems and I feel bad for him, son. I got 99 problems but being bi5ch ain't one.


No, Rush was honest in his msogyny. He has every right to express it. And, we (who loved our mothers, sisters, daughters, wives) have every right express our outrage at his vile hatred of women. "A liberal activist that enrolled in university, to pursue activist causes," GASP! Well, that means she should be wrapped up in a hijab, doused with acid and set on fire, doesn't it?

And that rant on the fly, (which has nothing to do with him calling her a s1ut) isn't judgment? Really?

She's a plant, huh? So, you mean she's not a woman? Or she's not a woman concerned for women's health issues? Or she's not a human concerned for a corporation/foundation/board of old, white men decideing what healthcare they will/will not recognize?

I don't know if I can follow your sophistocated arguments, S5977.


hynde gladly accepts an annual payment of $100K from rush for using "my city was gone", which she in turn donates to PETA...



then follow this...  you'd think a woman smart enough to find a way to pay $30K to attend college could find more affordable contraception than the $3K per the duration of her law studies that she claims it would cost...  sell the woman's health issues to the tourists...  of all the medications available to treat ovarian cysts, why is it the government only wants to make birth control pills free?...  and instead of protesting that a catholic school make an exception to church doctrine for her and others, why doesn't she just take her case straight to the pope?...  what she's doing is akin to a season ticket holder demanding that her football team institute rule changes to the games they play without regard to the other teams or league commissioner...



Wrong, she's lobbied for years to have her song removed. She receives the money because that's the law.


You pay for tickets to attend a football game. An employer compensates you for your labor and by terms defined under the US labor code. Your logic is as shaky as your grammar/punctuation. This is an issue closer to equal pay for equal work and equal compensation/benefits under law. A Catholic/Baptist/Buddhist/Islamic/Moonie school/hospital/sewing circle, as an employer, is NOT exempt from US Department of Labor employment and/or compensation laws. Equal access to healthcare is not an exception it's a right.

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