Top 5 Old Musicians Actually Using Twitter

3. Captain Sensible (The Damned)

Age: 57

Follow: @sensiblecaptain

damned bollocks march 22.jpg
The Sex Pistols may have been more revolutionary (although not really), and the Clash may have had more street cred, but the Damned is my pick for the most fun of the first-wave UK punk bands. Several of their songs ("New Rose," "Smash It Up," "Neat Neat Neat") have lasted just as long as the other two's best work, and they've always been the smart pick for anyone with a little goth in them. (The fact that the drummer named himself Rat Scabies undoubtedly has something to do with the Damned's morbid appeal.)

Now participating in the Damned's 35th anniversary tour, singer/guitarist Captain Sensible (nee Ray Burns) is equally fond of using Twitter to spout off about politics, his frustrations with Apple, or fondly reminisce about his first band Johnny Moped.

Sample Tweets:

RT @thepotatofarmer: #Dave says Iran's after nukes. Launchable in 45mins perhaps? Mmm, I've heard this before

After all the Macs & i-devices I've purchased over many years a big F**K YOU APPLE for not fixing my iPad under warranty. I feel better now

Sat April 7th, the return of Johnny Moped (my 1st band) - he may never gig again so don't miss out.

Davy Jones wasn't impressed when I suggested we record a punk version of Daydream Believer together. RIP.

2. Johnette Napolitano (Concrete Blonde)

Age: "Joey" and Bloodletting came out in 1990... look it up if you really want to know.

Follow: @therealjohnette

johnette abegarza march22.jpg
Photo by Abrahan Garza
Johnette Napolitano at Fitzgerald's, October 2011
Whether you're looking for conversations with her Go-Go's friend Kathy Valentine (@Kathy_Valentine), tips on horse grooming or candid updates from Concrete Blonde's recent Australian tour, this L.A. rocker chick turned high-desert goddess is your woman. She also has good taste, retweeting The Onion, Snoop Dogg and Charlie Sheen.

Sample Tweets:

..went 4 my first ride on True. No words. Trotted & loped around the hometrail, she reined in w/ the bitless..

J-Tree Nat'l Park bomb? Weird. Well, not really.

GoGo's in the desert on Cinco de Mayo? I may have to saddle up & ride on down...

Ok I'm on the move again. No one takes care of me like Oz. Stay well, my luvz..

1. Ray Wylie Hubbard

Age: 66

Follow: @raywylie

Ray-Wylie March 22.jpg
A hero of the progressive-country/redneck-rock movement in the '70s, today the "Wylie Lama" is perhaps Texas' most Zen singer-songwriter and its most crotchety. See below for his opinion of the term "singer-songwriter," just one of the many reasons Hubbard - who next visits Houston April 7 at the Mucky Duck - has taken to Twitter like, well, a duck to water.

Sample Tweets:

journalist! quit referring to me as a singer/songwriter, dammit. instead use "deepgrooveinthebloodmasterlesssamuraifolkpoetbluesman."

wow. monday and no gig. no lines at restuarants. no skinny jeans and ironic mustashes...guess i'll do laundry and see how the career is. (tweeted the day after SXSW)

there are some people older than me on this planet... but i've been awake longer.

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The Twitter feed of @MrBlackFrancis is pretty cool too.

Jim Porter
Jim Porter

@kristinhersh oughta be on that list.


good one.


The Paul Westerberg account isn't really Paul Westerberg; hence the comment they have: I'm only a replacement for the real guy.

Jay basically said the same thing. I read the article and got so excited that he was finally on TWITTER to check it out, that I became disappointed to realize it was wasn’t him. I would delete my original response if I could. lol

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