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Photo by Jim Bricker
Of Montreal, Cults, Roman GianArthur, Kishi Bashi
March 11, 2012

This was a sold-out show where all of the acts really put on a, well, show. Although the theatrics Of Montreal provided at previous shows was toned down, they still delivered a spectacle. In fact, all of the billed acts were a visual and auditory treat.

Of Montreal may be a little gimmicky at times, but they're always... fun. That's my complex analysis of whatever Of Montreal comes up with. They're not to be overanalyzed. They're just simple, innocent fun.

So, three-quarters of the way through their set, a character clad in a gas mask and a glittery cape flashed two large pillows on his chest to the audience. That got a couple of chuckles and then the next song was a danceable number. That was far toned down from the time lead singer Kevin Barnes emerged from a coffin wearing shaving cream.

Or that time he sang naked, just because.

First act Kishi Bashi began his set with Fitzgerald's being maybe about halfway to capacity. I arrived just on time to see him start playing and I got to stand behind maybe only two rows of people. This talented multi-instrumentalist who also now performs as a member of Of Montreal's band came up with most interesting ways to play a violin and to use his voice as an instrument, looping most of the sounds he produced. It was strange, but very lovely.

Photo by Alexa Crenshaw
Roman GianArthur
Roman GianArthur was up next. Adding to the eclecticness of the show, GianArthur gave us some funk and R&B, and then later proceeded to cover Radiohead's "High and Dry."

The best part was that he could be Usher's twin, both in looks and his similar R&B croon. He started his set urging the crowd to put down their phones and enjoy the show, also claiming to "have no recordings, no Web site, just here to have a good time."

Following his set, Fitzgerald's was beginning to fill up. By the time Cults started the venue was about at capacity.

Cults provided a very visually pleasing show. Their visual and auditory elements blended very well. They have their own brand of dreamy '60s pop with a tinge of distortion. Every song was catchy. They sounded live just as recorded, except with louder guitar riffs.

Close to closing their set, bandmate Brian Oblivion declared, "Houston is definitely better than Dallas!" Houston pride! The crowed cheered loudly, proving his point, right?

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