Last Night: fun. At Warehouse Live

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Photos by Marc Brubaker
Warehouse Live
March 20, 2012

"Sing it at the top of your lungs," fun. front man and vocalist Nate Ruess told the crowd Tuesday night, "Like it means something."

As the crowd chanted "Na-na-na" over and over, Ruess sang, "Carry me home tonight" repeatedly while fans hands reached high, waving their hands back and forth in the air, breaking through the beams of light that were shining from the stage as they reached toward the ceiling.

"Carry me home tonight," he pleaded. "Just carry me home tonight."

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Despite what may seem like overnight success, fun. aren't exactly newcomers to the music scene. Until 2008, Ruess was a member of The Format, which has taken what looks to be a permanent hiatus in light of his new band's achievements.

Two albums, one Chevy commercial and a very infectious anthem about the impulsiveness of youth later, and fun. had themselves a sold-out Warehouse Live, one that was full of young Houstonians eager to sing along.

And we can only assume that Monday night was not the only sold-out venue on their tour lineup, either.

Aftermath hesitates to call fun.'s music "indie" - after a sold-out show at a large venue and having been featured in a major commercial, it's a bit of a stretch -- but their music reminds us a lot of Foster the People's.

Like FTP, fun.'s music is catchy and upbeat, but the nuances are dark, and plenty of the songs are about loneliness. On first listen, "We Are Young" sounds like it's supporting the reckless behavior of youth. The melody sure gives it that kind of feel.

But give it more than a once-over, really digest the lyrics, and what you're left with is a song about a man who seems to have beaten his girlfriend, is hoping to make amends and is left trying to console her at a seedy bar whenever their friends aren't around.

At least, that's our interpretation.

This kind of music is one of our favorites. Having grown up on Third Eye Blind, we welcome serious lyricism with easygoing music at its core. It all bears some resemblance to Alphaville's "Forever Young," the kind of music that makes you want to dance, sometimes slowly, while the singer gets some heavy shit off his chest.

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Does anyone know where I can find the pictures of the audience from this concert?!


Took my daughter and 6 of her friends to the concert Tuesday. I liked their music before, but now am an advid fan. The other mother who went with us had only heard "We are Young" before now loves them. I have been to alot of concerts before, but I can honestly say this was th most fun. I've had at a concert in a long time.


Is it just me, or are band names getting shittier and shittier? I kinda like this band though.


The concert was amazing! I saw them in 2009 and they have come a long way. I loved seeing them in shock of how much the crowd loved them. The best concert I have even been to.

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