Last Night: Built To Spill At Fitzgerald's

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Photos by Jason Wolter
Built to Spill
March 12, 2012

After an interview last week with Built to Spill front man Doug Martsch, we noted how humble the rocker was. Modest, even.

Our observation was upheld Monday night, as Martsch and his bearded band walked onstage, setting up their own gear before their sold-out crowd. Martsch, in particular, mechanically adjusted his pedals and gear with patient perfection.

The Boise-based band isn't touring in support of anything in particular. Their last release was 2009's There Is No Enemy, and they begin recording their forthcoming eighth LP this spring.

When the band opened with "Traces," from 2006 album You In Reverse, we realized pretty quickly that the show would differ from the last time we'd seen BTS, in 2010 at House of Blues -- a show during which Martsch justifiably called out the unruly crowd for being so talkative.

Monday night's show, however, was quite the contrary. Energy was high amongst both crowd and band -- or as energetic as BTS members get, which is not very -- but the vibe was all-around positive.

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Martsch, a front man not particularly known for his onstage loquaciousness, seemed to agree, and early on.

"This is the first time in Houston that we aren't on some giant stage in some weird place," Martsch noted to the crowd with relief. "It's nice!"

"You Were Right," "Hindsight" and "Nowhere Nothin' Fuckup" were all standouts of the set, as the band reeled through their set, punctuated only by Martsch's usual "Thanks" between each song.

"Carry the Zero" closed their first set. As usual, it was our favorite song of the night.

"Hey, thanks a lot!" You've been so kind," said Martsch, retuning to the stage for an encore.

"And nice singalong, y'all," he continued, before joking, "Except a couple of you -- some of you guys were off."

In the many times we've seen BTS, we can't recall Martsch being so relaxed and jovial with the crowd.

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