Katy Perry: Pop Star Runs Afoul Of Alex Jones And InfoWars

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Katy Perry's newest video for "Part Of Me", featuring her chopping off her hair in a bathroom before joining the Marine Corps, seems to be pissing off a few people, including our fellow Texan Alex Jones. According to the Austin freedom fighter and radio host, it's a man-hating recruitment video.

What do you think of the video? Is this an attempt to recruit women into the military industrial complex, a weird empowerment propaganda piece meant to emasculate men? Or just a small-budget, four-minute remake of G.I. Jane?

I know for sure they don't make girls chop their locks off before they go to boot camp, but if makes for better drama and gave a wigmaker a gig, then who am I to introduce facts?

This week Perry also re-released her 2010 album Teenage Dream as Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection with added tracks, including "Part Of Me."

Earlier this week I also received a copy of The Katy Perry Album, by author Mick O'Shea, an 80-page biography of Perry covering her beginnings as a Christian pop singer and metamorphosis into something that WWII pilots would paint onto the sides of their planes.

Needless to say, there are plenty of cheesecake photos in it to satisfy those who enjoy the buxom pop star. This is the kind of book I would buy at the middle-school book fair and hide under my bed.

I wish I had a time machine to send this thing back to 1995 so I could sell pages out of it for a dollar to perverts in class, and buy one of those cool anti-skip portable compact disc players that were all the rage. None of that RCA crap.

The book has been updated to reflect Perry's divorce from comed... British citizen Russell Brand as well, with photos from the end of 2011.

Just Thursday she tweeted that she was "#singleandsatisfied."

So that's how I get to hear it, Katy? On Twitter?

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John Q. Public
John Q. Public

Yeah Alex is nuts, this does not encourage enlistment at all, nothing in here stinks of hints to join the forces........  Baa Baa Dumb Sheep.... go back to sleep, the government loves you. 

John Seaborn Gray
John Seaborn Gray

I feel so sorry for Alex Jones. He HAS to think that every single thing is a conspiracy. It's just expected of him. He's not allowed to think rationally or critically, ever, about anything. He's in a prison of his own design. It's actually quite sad.


In my opinion, Mr. Jones needs to be the poster child for anti-psychotic medication.  

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