Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" And The Death Of The Word "Swag"

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Sunday night, when Justin Bieber's new song "Boyfriend" dropped, the social-media landscape at large began comparing it to the work of Justin Timberlake, the music industry's somewhat dormant leading man.

I was sad, because I like the Timberlake.

Justin Bieber, I bought Justin Timberlake records, I watched Justin Timberlake videos, I followed Justin Timberlake on Twitter. Justin Bieber, you're no Justin Timberlake.

The opening is fun enough, with that weird lone techno whistle, his new deeper register -- pillow voice for the girls -- jarring folks who only know him as a cherubic-voiced teen crooner. And apparently chicks these days like chilling by fires and eating fondue. Is Bieber a time traveler from the '70s?

But then he starts using the word "swag" as filler, like how your mother uses bread crumbs in her turkey stuffing. A placeholder if you will.

"That's not swag at all," said the nearly 30-year-old music critic.

You keep saying this word "swag." I don't think this word means what you think it means.

Inconceivably not swag at all.

The best part is the "Buzz Lightyear" reference in one of his raps. In a few years, I can't wait for a teenage pop star to tell a girl in a song that he gonna "do her weird like Yo Gabba Gabba" or at least caress her down "like we was Bella and Edward."

Pop culture is fun. Life is fun.

What's even stranger is that I have been a big defender of Bieber here on Rocks Off. I stayed up and attended the first midnight screening of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never -- in 3D, no less. Yes, I had a chaperone, but the late hour and the theater's location wasn't conducive to masses of screaming girls.

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He uses the word swag way to much. the word swag is a stupid word no matter who uses it. and I don't know why people praise him and Chris brown ,  I prefer jb before Chris. but JB's no Justin timberlake. but Justin timberlake mimics Michael Jackson so he's not original ether. but everyones not going to like him you can't change that. don't get mad. everyone has a different opinion


so far the music on this album sucks 

DJ Mixerr
DJ Mixerr

I am so tired of hear the word "swag". I wish Jay-Z would do a song about how artists use the word "swag" to death like that song, D.O.A. about the overuse of auto-tune! To all all the artists and musicians out there, stop using the word "swag"! Seriously, I am fucking sick and tired of hearing "swag" every time!!! That word is as gay as fuck used by posers. Swag is for fags!!! One of the gayest fads of 2011. No joke.


I hate Justin Bieber and since he put the F word in Boyfriend I'm pissed even more.


... No, he didn't. Besides, even if he did, he's 18. I think he's old enough to say an itsy-bitsy bad word.

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