To Ke$ha, With Love: A Plea For Sanity At Age 25

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Dear Ke$ha:

Happy birthday. If 18 and 21 are the "good" birthdays, and 30 and 40 are the "bad" birthdays, what do we make of turning 25? I like to look at the positive side of things: You're old enough to have grown up responsibilities, but young enough to still party hard and get away with it.

For me, birthdays are a time to take stock of the life lived and the future ahead. Right now you're working on your next album, trying to avoid the sophomore slump that hits so many artists while sticking out among the crowd of young female divas currently swapping the top spot on the charts.

As a fan of both your music and pop in general, I'm writing you this letter hoping that you'll really think about what you have planned for your next album and the next year ahead.

I'm worried about the future of pop music and you, dance commander, may be our only hope.

I imagine that the first time someone stretched out some animal hide and beat it with a stick rhythmically there was someone standing there with their arms crossed muttering "it just sounds like noise". As long as there is music there will be someone who complains about it.

A lot of people I know don't understand why I listen to your music. They see nothing more than the bastard child of "Fight For Your Right To Party" with the baseball caps and leather jackets replaced by body paint and glitter. They pine for a time where real artists made real music about real things with real emotions.

I think it's all rather silly. The same people that dislike your music are the same people that think "Big Balls" is hilarious and turn up the radio any time "Kickstart My Heart" comes on.

Now, I'll admit, I do think the fashion war that's been going on between you and your fellow pop divas is silly and distracting, but up until recently I've been willing to look past that because the music was good. If wearing a trash bag to the VMAs is edgy and keeps your name out there, then who am I to judge?

What worries me is that you'll make the same mistake so many other divas are making right now: trying to shock the public so that they don't notice that their songs stink.

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I usually don't use the guilty pleasure tag since I believe if you like something then you like something. But I'm thinkin you should have kept this one to yourself. And did that superfan commenting mean to misspell intelligence? Is this all one big "ironic" inside joke that everyone's in on but me?


Kesha always stays true to herself. She's like the Taylor Swift of pop music. Haha, nice article tho! :)

$lay$ha is cummin 4 wigs
$lay$ha is cummin 4 wigs

I didn't know there was intellegence in Houston!

This post will be the most read post in the history of this flop website. Please bow down to the Kween.

*takes a sip of tea*

By: @Flop_This_Way

Meredith Nudo
Meredith Nudo

Cory, I could not approve more of your Electric Six reference. 

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