5 Easy Ways To Stream Music From A Smartphone

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Radio has always been one of the best ways to discover new music. A song would play on the radio and you would wait for the song title.

But the advent of Internet radio aided the discovery of new music a lot more, with song titles and background information immediately at your disposal, and all kinds of customization options available. Now there are smart phones that can stream music anywhere, anytime.

Spotify is rapidly growing in popularity as a way to stream music, along with many other similar recently created programs, but many of these programs require subscriptions and/or have particularly annoying settings, such as Spotify publishing everything you listen to on your Facebook wall. Apple is actually rumored to be launching a Spotify-like service soon as well.

For those of us with smartphones, I'm going to provide you with a list of a few of my favorite easily operable apps. These apps require little to no effort to use, and they make discovering music easy enough to do while, say, driving, exercising or just being plain lazy.

5. turntable.fm:Well, this app probably shouldn't be operated while driving, but it's still very easy to use. It is available for both the iPhone and the Android, as well as other smartphones alike.

It's community DJ-ing, where you choose your genre of preference and build your playlist off of that alongside others who share your taste. You can approve or disapprove of other people's song choices, but still you have to wait your turn for your song to play. It sort of streams like a free jukebox, in that sense.

4. iHeartRadio: Here you get access to over 800 stations, including Houston's very own KTRU. You can create your own unique station based on your tastes, or simply surf the stations available.

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Slacker Radio: seconded.  They have two premium tiers, and each removes all commercials.  They allow for fine-tuning of your custom stations as well.

No love for Google Musi- excuse me, the renamed-by-simpletons "Google Play Music"?  Store all your ding-dang music on their servers and stream from practically any net-enabled device?  I'm pretty fond of it.

I'll be happy when Grooveshark gets its act back together, sorts out their legal & licensing issues.


Yes because Houston radio is so bad, all I listen to is internet radio. I’m a big fan of Slacker Radio (free). Like the others you listed, you can create your own station by picking an artist and/or song title then the station will play artist similar to them. If you don’t like a band the station chooses, you can ban the artist or the song as well as add them as a favorite. You can add your own artist to your station as well to get more diversity. My “best station” ranges from Arcade Fire to Ice Cube and literally every song is enjoyable. Down side at first, it will take some time to get your station in order, but once you do it’s constantly playing.  As with some of the others you listed, you can create more than one station to be more specific. I have my 80’s metal, my country (which only has Americana bands or 70’s country) and 90’s alternative. You have a few commercials after 5-10 songs, but it’s only 15 seconds. You have 6 skips per station, but unlike Pandora where once you use them that day you can’t skip any more songs, with Slacker just switch to another station, then switch back and you have 6 new skips. Slackers pre-set stations you can alter to your taste as well by banning artist/songs as well as add them as a favorite.   


I'd also recommend Audiogalaxy (http://audiogalaxy.com/).  If you've got a crapload of music on your home computer, enough that you can't fit it all on your laptop (like me) but that you still want to listen to, you can listen either via a Web browser or on your smartphone.

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