DJ Brett Koshkin Talks Final Dirty Honey And Moving To NYC

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DJ Brett Koshkin
DJ Brett Koshkin has spun old soul and R&B 45s the first Saturday of every month at Boondocks since the bar first opened in summer 2007. In what has become a Boons rite of passage, he got his first noise ordinance ticket early last month.

His monthly "Dirty Honey" sets at Boons, featuring beautiful vinyl slabs by artists like ZZ Hill, Rufus Wood and Clifton White, are the things of crate-digging magic. Before Koshkin started bringing Dirty Honey to Austin, the event began with Boons, and every month his night has brought out a motley crew of listeners and dancers.

"When it started, it was mainly white twentysomethings having a good time," Koshkin says. Now you get middle-aged folks from Sunnyside to mods in their thirties. A real eclectic bunch with no false pretenses. Hell, even my 90-year-old grandmother has made it out a few times."

The party ends this coming Saturday after nearly five years in the booth, when Koshkin throws his last DH party and sets sail for New York City. I caught up with him over email to get the lowdown on his future plans. Koshkin is a former Houston Press employee, and in fact I replaced him here at the paper upon his exit in late 2008. He's also a damned fine man to drink with.

"I need to face some new challenges. I work as both a DJ and a journalist and I have a few good opportunities up north that I can't pass on," he tells me.

As anyone who has left Houston, or even Texas, for an extended period of time can tell you, leaving the Lone Star State isn't easy. There are innumerable things that you miss in the process.

"There's the square footage, mariachi bands, Lone Star beer, huevos a la Mexicana, Southern hospitality, and some of the best people the world has to offer," Koshkin jokes. "I definitely won't miss sound ordinance tickets, but I still have a few gigs left in Houston before I move, so you never know. I could rack up a few more fines if the mayor really has it out for me."

In the beginning, Koshkin wasn't sure if Dirty Honey would go over so well.

"Dirty Honey started the month Boondocks opened and has continued ever since. There was nothing like it going on at the time in Houston," he says. "Michael 'Witnes' Zapata, whom I started the night with and [bar owner] Shawn Bermudez actually had to talk me into doing Dirty Honey."

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Really the only times I still go to Boondocks. Thanks for the fun nights.


The nights he played were the best Boondocks ever had.

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