Dan Workman, Blues Bassist But Not SugarHill President, Passes Away

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Dan "Uncle Mojo" Workman, host of the Thursday-night blues jam at the 19th Hole bar in The Woodlands, passed away over the weekend. He had a stroke last Thursday and died Saturday morning, the Houston Blues Society said. According to reports, he had played his regular gig earlier Thursday night.

"He and I have played (we had recently figured this out from old schedules) over 1,500 shows together," local musician Brandon Loftin said on the HBS Web site. "To think I will never make music with my brother again absolutley breaks my heart."

"One of life's true characters," added another, Tony Vega.

The bearded bassist appears to have been well-liked by regulars at the Thursday-night jam, thought to be the longest-running event of its kind on Houston's north side. According to the Texas Blues Roadhouse, blog, a long list of well-known local bluesmen -- including Mark May, The Mighty Orq, Brad Absher, Brandon Loftin, Paul Ramirez, Dallas Brading, Matt Johnson and Kenny Cordray - sat in with Workman.

"Dan could be crotchety and blunt, especially if you suck," says Texas Blues Roadhouse's Abby Owen. "On the other hand, if he saw you improving in the slightest, he could be encouraging and helpful."

A different Dan Workman is producer and President of Houston's SugarHill Studios. "My brother from another mother," that Workman posted on Facebook. "Or as he always said, 'The Other White Meat.' I'll miss you. "

This Thursday's blues jam will be a memorial for Workman featuring Loftin and Ricky Jackson, according to Facebook. Further details were unavailable.

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Dan was a friend and a great supporter of mine which is amazing simply because he hated harmonica players more than anyone I know and was very vocal about it!! I'm sorry we didn't spend more time together. Dan's passing and this article are a reminder that there are many many great personalities in this Houston music scene and the only way to find out about them or meet them is to get off the couch and get out and support live music. If you never met Dan or saw Dan play the bass you really missed out. He truly was one of a kind. Thanks Chris for recognizing him.


What an amazing Funky Town bassist!!!  Houston sure has some outrageous bass players - especially in the blues, rockabilly and honky tonk communities.  Dan will surely be missed.  RIP my man and funk it up in Heaven Town!

Abby Slack Owen
Abby Slack Owen

I don't see anything wrong with the title, or the content. Good job Chris! To further explain my opinion of Dan, I've seen him shut people down. More than once. One of them was my own husband Jerry, (Hoodoo Voodoo) who later earned Dan's respect as a musician, and became very good friends with him. Dan had an enormous reponsibility to run the jam as diplomatically as possible while allowing the MANY great players some time on stage. Sometimes he had to be less than accomodating, (if you like that better) in order to keep things moving and entertaining. I was only trying to capture his unique personality in as few lines as possible. Sorry if I offended anyone. I loved and respected Dan like a Father or a big brother. Family, for sure. I will miss him more than I can explain. It feels like a huge hole has been ripped in my life. Still.

Jack Daniel Betz
Jack Daniel Betz

I agree. The headline makes it sound not like a sad passing but a close call!


I should think that after your little train track incident you would spend a little more time confirming your facts, selectively editing your quotes, and finding a more empathetic title.

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