The Perfect Soundtrack To Your Next Crawfish Boil

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Crawfish boils have become a springtime ritual in Houston. At least once a season, it's an accepted necessity that we waste an entire day pinching tails, sucking heads and covering ourselves in spicy, stinky seafood slime.

Finding the bugs typically isn't a problem -- you can hit up any number of restaurants and beer joints serving 'em up fresh all over the city. But it you want to make a real day of it--as authentic a Houston experience as we've got at this point -- it's time to call up everyone you know and boil mudbugs in your driveway.

Or, if you're smart, somebody else's driveway. See, when done right, do-it-yourself crawfish boils take a lot of effort, a lot of cash, and a lot of people to pull off properly. If you're ready to give it a try, prepare to find out who your real friends are.

Sissy nerds like us prefer to help out with the backyard bug boil by providing the perfect soundtrack to a classic Gulf Coast picnic. After all, you can't just blast the new Springsteen album at the party and expect the occasion to feel right. Soundtracking a crawfish boil takes planning.

Remember, we're not just talking about "lunch," here. This is an all-day feast celebrating our annual three weeks of perfect weather, and feasts must be prepared for. God knows you're busy already! That's why Rocks Off has gone through the trouble of coming up with a few handy tips for crafting the perfect crawfish-boil playlist.


The party doesn't begin when bugs hit boil. First, you've got to gather your supplies. That means getting together a boiling rig, tables and chairs, coolers, ice, trash bags, spices, plenty of beer and the crawfish themselves. And that means leaving the house pretty early.

It's perfectly acceptable to pick up everything you need from Fiesta, but we prefer to drive down to Kemah to pick the crawfish up fresh from a real, live seafood market. For this mini-adventure, you'll need a good hour or so of drive-time music. We like to get up for a party with some classic hip-hop jams. Fat Pat's "Tops Drop" sets the perfect tone -- Sunshine let it down, turn it up and clown.

We ate our first crawfish growing up in Southeast Texas' Golden Triangle, the area roughly bounded by Beaumont, Port Arthur and Orange that's got more than a dash of Louisiana culture mixed in. It's probably why we find it totally appropriate to bump a great deal of UGK on the road to buy crawfish.

After all, Pimp and Bun are a couple of the Triangle's favorite sons. "Wood Wheel" is a personal favorite, and if "Big Pimpin'" doesn't put you in the mood to pop bottles outdoors, you're driving too fast.

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