Pulling A Cee-Lo: 11 More Contemporary Artists Who Need Their Own Vegas Residency

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​Cee-Lo Green raised eyebrows a couple of weeks ago when he announced that he was settling down -- in Las Vegas. The Grammy-winning "Fuck You" singer says that his new semi-permanent show, "Loberace," will launch Aug. 29 at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on the Vegas Strip and run at least through the end of the year.

If the name "Loberace" didn't give it away, Cee-Lo is promising to deliver an over-the-top Vegas spectacle, a "musical journey through time" replete with showgirls and magicians. Think millions of sequins, not thousands.

Green isn't the first big star to work a steady gig in Las Vegas. Carlos Santana recently announced an upcoming residency of his own. Elton John, Cher, Rod Stewart and Shania Twain have all done stints in Sin City, and who could forget Celine Dion?

Still, Cee Lo isn't exactly lacking for options at this point in his career. He hit the top of the charts less than a year and a half ago, and he performed during last month's Super Bowl halftime show. He could be playing big shows anywhere he likes, and it ain't like he's too old to tour

Still, it's hard not to see the appeal of a Vegas residency for an artist in the prime of his career. You get to mount a lavish stage show on somebody else's dime, play to a packed house every evening, and party the night away at a series of paid appearances. That's a pretty sweet gig.

Maybe Cee-Lo will be a trailblazer among today's generation of musical superstars. In fact, there are more than a couple of contemporary performers we'd pay big bucks to catch in Sin City. We've even taken the liberty of writing them down.

11. Marilyn Manson Who better to explore the seedy, creepy and cruel side of Las Vegas glamor than Marilyn Manson? There's just something fitting about the Antichrist Superstar reigning over Sin City for 90 days. We picture him putting together an absinthe-drenched lounge act for the damned, heavy on blasphemous guitars and burlesque amputees. Maybe he could even break out his old Mechanical Animals bodysuit. Prosthetic breasts have always gone over big in Vegas.

10. Britney Spears: Britney Spears is no stranger to staging special events in Sin City. She celebrated the release of Femme Fatale with a performance at at Rain nightclub inside the Palms Casino last year, and filmed the concert spectacular Live From Las Vegas there back in 2001.

Heck, there were even rumors of a big-money offer for Brit-Brit to take a Vegas residency last March. So far it hasn't happened, but we can't shake the hunch that it will someday. We're pretty sure a Britney tribute act is filling a theater somewhere in Vegas right this minute, so it stands to reason tourists would gladly shell out real money for the real thing.

9. Kanye West The prospect of a Kanye West residency in Vegas is a little intimidating to contemplate. It would pretty much have to involve costume changes, purple lazers, flying pianos and light-up sunglasses, for starters. Then there'd be the showgirls in outrageous attire (also lit up), the 4-D video screens and the endless string of hits.

What club in Vegas could compete with that every night? Here's hoping Kanye buys a casino and makes this happen sooner rather than later--we're trying to make holiday plans.

springsteen & steve.jpg
Photo by Daniel Kramer
8. Bruce Springsteen: We can see the billboards now: "Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street All-Stars." Kind of rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? The Boss is renowned for his marathon concerts, and once installed in a Vegas theater, he could just go ahead and play for two months straight. No doubt Springsteen's Vegas revue would be short on glitz and glamour, but it's a safe bet that more than a few pairs of panties might still find their way onstage.

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