Saturday Night: Brad Paisley At Reliant Stadium

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Photos courtesy of Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo
Brad Paisley
RodeoHouston, Reliant Stadium
March 17, 2012

Brad Paisley is an easy guy to hate. He is talented in a way that seems effortless: Whether it's writing catchy hooks, laying down solid guitar solos, or making silly jokes, everything he does seems to come easy.

It would make me sick if he wasn't so damn likeable.

Saturday was Championship Day at the Rodeo and St. Patrick's Day across the world. If there were a performer better suited to merge those two things together, he wasn't at Reliant Stadium. And if such a performer did exist, I imagine the crowd still would have rather seen Paisley's brand of country-rock.

Things started off appropriately enough with "Camouflage." That combination of colors was well represented in the audience and on stage. Paisley even pointed out at one point that everything green he owns is camouflage.

From there the rest of the show was a light-hearted affair and tribute to all things country with a crowd that was completely on board.

While I don't doubt that Paisley knows how to be serious or write a heartbreaking song, none of that was evident in his 13-song set. The show was full of laughs, from a song about wanting to check a girl for ticks (to get her naked), to a joke about competing in mutton-busting, to complimenting a member of the production crew who ended up playing human mike stand for him as he made his way toward the crowd.

It was a refreshing change after watching a montage of highlights from previous performances at the rodeo that played as the crowd entered Reliant Stadium. While there's certainly a place for melodrama in music it's nice to see a performer who isn't afraid to be carefree.

That carefree spirit extended to the band as well. There were no sparkly shirts or $200 haircuts among Paisley or his band. In fact, it looked like his steel guitar player was wearing a Beavis and Butt-Head T-shirt.

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