Fetish Fuel: 5 Musicians Who Put Their Fetish In Song Form

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3. The Smiths, "This Charming Man"

Revealing Lyrics:

Why pamper life's complexity

When the leather runs smooth on the passenger seat?

Debate rages over both Morrissey's sexuality and the lyrics to this song in particular, but one can make a strong case for it being about a relationship with an older man, sexual or not. This lyric wouldn't be revealing in itself if one didn't have a little bit of context. According to an interview in the book Morrissey: Scandal & Passion by David Bret, even as much as Moz hates animal abuse and the leather trade, he apparently has a thing for the old leather seats in cars such as ones he grew up riding in during the '60s. Knowing that, it's not hard to read into the meaning of this song and this lyric. Not to mention he brings up "cold leather seats" again in "That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore."

2. Slick Mahony featuring Yung Humma, "Sex Syrup"

Revealing Lyrics: The entire song.

The rappers on Turquoise Jeep Records really like food. "Sex Syrup" is just one example of their artful use of food euphamisms for sex. The thing is, this isn't just an isolated song. On the crew's debut compilation, four separate songs featuring all different members of the Jeep revolve around sex and food.

If someone here isn't into foodplay, color me shocked. And let's not even get into the song "Stretchy Pants" in which group leader and record label founder Flynt Flossy goes on and on about his love of a woman's stretchy pants before proudly declaring that he "ate that ass."

1. Why?, "Good Friday"

Revealing Lyrics:

It feels exciting touching your handwriting

Getting horny by reading it and repeating poor me.

Intently staring at the picture of your feet on the sticker

At the R. Crumb exhibit, I wonder who's sicker?

Jerking off in an art museum john till my dick hurts

The kind of shit I won't admit to my head shrinker.

This one really covers the range of fucked up sexuality. Almost every line is an example of Why? mastermind and frontman Yoni Wolf's dirty mind showing through, but the best has to be the quoted verse above, which is revealing of not only another foot fetish (something of a recurring theme in Why? songs, including the line about "perfect Scandinavian feet" in "These Few Presidents" in the very next song), but also an association between shame and pity and sex, as well as discussing public masturbation.

I know the song is about the wild antics of a person following a break-up, but this is the kind of perverse writing that everyone can relate to but will never admit to being able to relate to. That's what makes the song work so well, but it's also the ultimate example of TMI, with Yoni laying it all out to bare, and clearly exhibiting some deeply-rooted sexual issues and fetishes.

Honorable Mention: 50 Cent

This is not a song, but it's too funny and relevant not to include it. Rapper 50 Cent may not talk about it in his songs, but as he reveals in the interview with Howard Stern in the above video, 50 Cent loves big butts like Sir Mix-A-Lot before him. But he doesn't just like big butts, he likes doing other, vastly more disturbing things with them (and his own).

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I'm glad you mentioned Why?, that album in particular is possibly one of most criminally underrated albums from 2000 on up. So many of their songs belong in the "TMI" category, but Yoni's brutal, devastating 100% honesty is a part of their appeal.


Morrisey is actually a back scrubber.

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