The Best YouTube Reactions To Odd Future's "Rella": Domo Slaps A Girl

For the first time it seems, the Odd Future gang's music videos have caught up with their lyrical content, judging by their brand-new video for "Rella," off upcoming release The Odd Future Tape Vol. 2 (due March 20). The album, minus former member Earl Sweatshirt, is the group's studio debut.

The embattled group, already no stranger to controversy -- like Left Brain hitting photographers at the Voodoo Festival and Tyler, The Creator getting arrested at an L.A. show after jumping onto a soundboard at the venue -- may have reached a turning point with Vol. 2. At least in terms of creating something all their own.

The video for "Rella" is one of the most manic and fucking-off things we've seen in some time, though it's only a matter of time before that girl-slap at 1:17 stirs up some ire. OK, a lot of ire. Total anger coming soon. Group member Domo Genesis slaps the "black" off a woman and somehow turns her Asian. Let's just get that into the blog for maximum Google search opportunities.

"lol this my 31st time watchin this shit.... #Classic"


I guess I have watched it about, five or six times myself. The Tyler centaur is entrancing, I hate centaurs as a rule. Also, hash tags in YouTube comments? #really?

"i find this easy to masterbate to."


Welp, I once rubbed one out to a Fiona Apple video, so who am I to tug, I judge...

"i can't stop watching this... how many times is too many times?"


At the point when you make the image of Tyler's penis-less crotch the background on your phone, is a good time to stop watching.

"fart in the homies mouth."


I feel very old now.

"this shit is mad funny i laughed so hard milk came out that fat bitch is ugly...."


Whole milk or skim?

"This is shit. Our generations music sucks mad hard"


It could be worse?

"I cant stop watchin this video haha. That Asian is sexy as hellll"


For a woman who was just slapped, I guess...

"tyler is overly attractive in that wig"


Getting a total Lancelot vibe.

"Thumbs up if you think Tyler makes an ugly horse!"


There are pretty horse people?

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Mark C Austin
Mark C Austin

All I'm going to say is that a lot of people are going to forget about these losers when Fat Tony's new album drops.  


People still checking for these bums? The only dudes worth fuckin' with were Earl and Frank Ocean and they're satellite members at best now. These fuckers are wack. 


To all you hates let's see you write perform and make a music video that's better than this


Remember when L.A. used to make decent rap? Neither do I.


What does Fat Tony have to do with OF?  Besides him being cool with some of them that is.


I can't make movies that well, but I still think Michael Bay is crap. I don't play the guitar that well either, but I still think Nickelback is some of the worst music ever made. The ability to do does not preclude ones ability to criticize.

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