Your 33 Black Angels Pick 10 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die

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Sunday night, Notsuoh plays host to Your 33 Black Angels, a manic garage-psych group from Brooklyn, N. Y. The band sometimes boasts eight members, and reminds us of a less-pretentious Brian Jonestown Massacre or trance-driven Black Lips.

And there's the "96 Tears" organ that chimes in here and there. But then the mouth harp and horns come out of nowhere and it evokes Exile On Main St., so Y33BA obviously has something for everyone.

(I guess this means Anton Newcombe is shooting me when the BJM hits Houston in April. Welp, it's been a fun run.)

The band has recorded four albums, with a new one, Moon and Morning Star, just getting released this past week.

Before the band comes into town, I asked them to list ten albums that you cannot, absolutely, positively, must not leave this mortal world without hearing. I think I am doing pretty good since I have heard half of them. Still got lots of living left...

Neil Young, Tonight's the Night:

Five friends get together in a studio to drink, play pool, mourn two good friends, and eventually get around to putting down an incredible record. Also just some damn good, gut-wrenching rock and roll.

Fleetwood Mac, Tusk:

Age-old story. Pop supergroup follows up one of the biggest commercial successes of all time with a scattered, self-indulgent, weirdo masterpiece.

The Hoa Hoas, Pop/Drone/Pedals:

Catchy, trippy, dance-y, hypno-psych-rock from the great white north. One of the best bands ever.

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Props on the Bobby beausoleil pick. He was definitely the most talented out of the Manson bunch. He was even in an early incarnation of Arthur lee's band, Love. And the fact that he recorded lucifer rising in prison adds to it's mystique. It's a classic of early ambient music. And apparently jimmy page did record an album for the movie that never got used and is sitting in a vault somewhere.

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