Young Magic: Body Doodles and the Sadness of the Sea

We don't know a whole lot about Young Magic. They were just another one of the bands we get press releases on every day. However, we're music-video obsessed, and when anybody, anywhere sends us a video we watch it. In this case, it was their song "Night in the Ocean" which drew us into their particular brand of sorcery.

Shot in a beautiful, stark style the video centers on an overcast day on the shore. It lingers over footage of rainy waves before taking us into a sparsely furnished house where two actors undress and proceed to decorate each other in a series of cabalistic markings. The effect is somewhat erotic, somewhat sad, sort of like Gem Club's "252" but with more closure and less dying sexless and alone.

The lines drawn on the pale bodies of our subjects are retraced by an invisible hand over the crashing shore view, and then all of the sudden clocks and violins explode. Somewhere between this gray heaven and washed out Earth plays the actual song, and it's a hard one to classify.

"Night in the Ocean" is part the Highlander soundtrack, part Still Corners, and we swear to Allah part hip hop in a couple of places. We wouldn't call the song a herald of a new sound that changes the world as we doubt the world at large is really ready for this tune, but there's no doubt that Young Magic is a band who treats the word "genre" like a Libertarian treats the word "collectivism." How such a group can explore so much in a video that barely leaves the house we don't know, but every frame is a collection of desolate beauty.

Check it out below.

We caught up with Young Magic and Andrew de Freitas, who directed the video to ask a few questions about it. Click on over to page 2 for the interview.

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