Five Prop Bets For Music Lovers This Super Sunday

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Photo by Allison Wagoner
It's time to be honest with each other for a moment: some people out there don't care about the Super Bowl. They may not care about sports at all. In fact, they might hate sports completely. Listen close and you can hear them roll their eyes at yet another blog post about the big game.

Maybe you have a significant other or close friend coming over for your Super Bowl party that hates sports. Want to make the game day experience more exciting for them? There is one thing that makes everything more exciting, from sporting events to award shows to yard work.

I'm talking about gambling.

That might sound like deviant behavior to some of you, but no one is suggesting you bet the farm on who you think will win the big game. I'm simply suggesting that by giving a loved one something to root for that isn't related to football they may have a better time. Think about their likes and dislikes and what bets they'll find engaging. When it comes to prop bets the only limit is your imagination.

And remember folks, Super Sunday is a day of fun and celebration. Whether it's for beer or for chores or for things that aren't work safe, the following bets are supposed to be fun. Don't let the spirit of competition get in the way of a good time. Don't end up sleeping on the couch because you bet a week of laundry duty on whether or not Madonna is going to wear fishnets and then decided to act like a poor winner.

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